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Team Alternate disband CS:GO team

By Jonas 'BlizZer' Leuschner
Jun 4, 2014 14:14

ImageAs many people suspected Alternate don't have a CS:GO team any longer. Now it's official that they go separate directions.

In the last 8 months the Alternate CS:GO team did not win any tournaments and hit the bottom. In the last month Alternate was in EPS Spring 2014 semifinal and lost against Wildfire with a 1:2 endscore. They lost on de_mirage with 13:16, then won on de_dust2 16:7 and lost again on the last map de_inferno with 14:16.

After the EPS Spring 2014 disaster Alternate tried to do a player swap. Christian ‘Rak’ Hermenau-Puhlvers wanted to retire and is now only a substitute to Alexander ‘alexRr’ Frisch. Despite that, they lost also the Dreamhack Summer 2014 qualifier with a 7:16 against AliGon.

Now Alternate's management and players agreed that they will go in different directions. The lineup will stay together under the name Berzerk. Berzerk enroll for the A-Series so they will try to participate in the next EPS Summer Cups.

Official statement:

"Alternate and the players have agreed that our paths should go in different ways. We of course want to thank the sponsors for their continuous support and time. We will return to our ESWC 2012 tag Berzerk, and continue to stick together as a team. We're looking forward to what the future has in store for us, and hope that we can get a good amount of offers from organizations."

Berzerk lineup:

DE Felix "fel1x" Zech
DE Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend
CH Manuel "SolEk" Zeindler
DE Azmican "asmo" Berberoglu
DE Alexander "alexRr" Frisch




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