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Aligon and Reason qualify for DHS 2014

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
May 31, 2014 14:50

ImageSK Gaming was unable to outmatch the Danish team Reason Gaming in the semi-finals.

Starting with the quarter-finals match of FACEIT's DreamHack Summer 2014 closed qualifier between our SE SK Gaming CS:GO division and the Finnish team FI ENCE eSports .

The map was de_dust2 and the knife round went in the hands of the Finnish team. SK Gaming started on T side and won the pistol round, thanks to SE Fredrik 'roque' Honak and SE Alexander 'SKYTTEN' Carlsson scoring two kills each. The next round was tough for the Swedes, as all the players of the SK Gaming team were eliminated, but were able to slow down ENCE eSports enough for the bomb to explode. Rapid rush to bombsite B from SK Gaming won them the third round as well, as we witnessed roque opening the target with two quick frags. The fourth round was difficult for the Swedish team, as the situation became 4on2 in favor of ENCE eSports early in the round, but yet the in-game leader of SK Gaming BA Faruk 'pita' Pita was able to sneak in CT spawn and score two, allowing his teammate roque to finish off the remaining two players. After five rounds in a row won by our team, ENCE eSports managed to secure the sixth. FI Joona 'natu' Leppänen and his squad secured one more round by successfully retaking the bombsite. FI Jonas 'ScurK' Finnilä clutched the next round with four decent kills. In the beginning of the tenth round the Finnish team ENCE eSports decided to go aggressive from middle and catwalk and managed to secure the early advantage, eventually winning the round in the end in a 2on1 situation against SE Joel 'emilio' Mako. ENCE eSports clutched the next round in 2on2 situation as well. SK Gaming decided to force buy and that paid off well, as the Swedish team was able to infiltrate bombsite B with a devastating rush, winning the round without serious casualties. ENCE eSports won the last round of the first half and secured one round lead.

Excellent play by the Finnish player FI Marko 'MAKKE' Mattila won the pistol round of the second half for his team with two entry kills and one more later in the round. SK Gaming denied ENCE eSports from taking the next round, as the Swedes were able to resists with pistols only in their hands, having SE Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill clutching 1on1 situation against MAKKE in the end. The Finns decided to attack from long A, but pita was able to deny the plan by taking down three opponents, allowing his teammates to win the round and tie the score. SKYTTEN, emilio and roque won the next two rounds and boosted SK Gaming in the lead. SKYTTEN managed to take down three enemies and defuse the bomb, leaving the Finnish team in a bad situation. Despite that, ENCE eSports managed to score the followed round, thanks to FI Aleski 'allu' Jalli and MAKKE. The Finnish team had the early advantage in the next round, but SK Gaming was able to grab it, leaving ENCE eSports in an economic crisis once again. Unfortunately that did not seem to affect the Finns much, as they completed the next round flawlessly. ENCE eSports' in-game leader natu won the last round of the second half and forced overtime by defeating maikel in 1on1 situation.

The first round of the overtime went to the Finns, as natu was once again able to clutch 1on1 situation this time against SKYTTEN. SK Gaming managed to win the third round extremely close with only one member surviving. The in-game leader of ENCE eSports natu arrived with yet another brilliant operation winning the fourth round of the overtime with total of four kills. Two destructive shots with snipers from T spawn by the Finns in the very beginning of the next round left SK Gaming in a critical 3on5 situation lost. ENCE eSports won the last round of the first half of the overtime.

SK Gaming not only won the first round of the second half, but also won the followed two big rounds, thanks to maikel scoring two no scope kills with AWP and one more later and as well as clutched the third round in a 1on2 situation. MAKKE managed to clutch the last round in a 1on1 situation with his last bullet hitting headshot. The score was tied and second overtime was required.

During the first half of the second overtime we witnessed maikel opening the round with two kills and scoring two more later on. SK Gaming won the next two rounds as well, but was denied by the Finnish team during the fourth. ENCE eSports won the last round, as pita was unable to clutch pretty much impossible 1on3 situation.

SK Gaming managed to retake bombsite A and won the first round of the second half. The Finnish player allu scored the followed round by defeating maikel in the end with three kills in total. Excellent team play by SK Gaming won them the needed two rounds to win the match.

Moving to the semi-finals match between SK Gaming and the Danish team DK Reason Gaming on de_inferno.

DK Nichlas 'Nille' Busk and DK Mathias 'PnX' Pedersen won the pistol round for the Danish team with a later B rush scoring two frags each. Reason Gaming won the next two rounds, but was outmatched during the first gun round by the SK guys, who came up with heavy resistance and powerful retake. Decent play by maikel, roque and pita won SK Gaming two more rounds in a row and tied the score. One more close round was won by emilio and pita, but Reason Gaming was able to secure the next round very closely. The ninth round went in the hands of the Danes by successfully infiltrating bombsite A. The Danish team Reason Gaming won the followed round with a fake to bombsite B, albeit one second less would meant a win for SK Gaming. The Danes continued to score more rounds, as we witnessed pita losing 1on3 situation, but close. SKYTTEN won a round for the Swedish team by scoring down three important kills. SK Gaming secured one more round, but lost the fourteenth as Reason Gaming managed to infiltrate the target with a quick rush. The Danish team won the last round of the first half.

SK Gaming won the crucial pistol round with a devastating rush towards bombsite A. Three early frags from emilio won the followed round for the Swedish team as well. DK Nikolaj 'EXR' Therkildsen and PnX won the next round with four kills in total. However SK Gaming managed to secure the next round and left the Danish team in a rough economic situation. Pita and maikel managed to grab yet another quite close round and tied the score. Unfortunately, the Danish squad was able to retake bombsite B during the next round and once again take the lead. DK Casper 'cadiaN' Møller managed to hit the shots with AWP and together with EXR won an important round. Reason Gaming continued to win crucial rounds. SK Gaming won an extremely close round with only one second left, but unfortunately was unable to comeback. Reason Gaming won the match and qualified for DreamHack Summer 2014.

Coming next is the grand final between the Swedish team SE Aligon and Reason Gaming.

The map was de_train and Reason Gaming started on the heavily favored CT side. The pistol round was fun to watch, as we witnessed the former mousesports player cadiaN being alone and on the verge of winning a big round as he managed to take down four Swedes, but was unable to clutch 1on1 situation against SE Jacob 'pyth' Mourujärvi. SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson and SE Jerry 'xelos' Råberg won the next round with two frags each. Team Aligon won the third round flawlessly against the Danish team. Reason Gaming managed to take away the first gun round from the Swedes. Nille killed three opponents at bombsite B and tied the score. Reason Gaming managed to take the lead and continued to win round after round. The ninth round went flawlessly to the Danes too. The former SK Gaming duo Delpan and xelos managed to win the eleventh round, but close. Another flawless round was won by the Danish team. DK Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen won the last round of the first half and secured a fair lead for the second half.

Team Aligon managed to win the second pistol round again, but Reason Gaming did plant the bomb for extra cash, giving them the opportunity to buy early. SE Hampus 'hMp' Netzell scored three excellent kills with M4A1-S to win the next round. Team Aligon won the first gun round giving them plenty of opportunity to comeback. Nille and cadiaN managed to steal a round from the Swedish team with four kills in total. The former SK Gaming star Delpan and NO Morten 'zEVES' Vollan won the followed round. Delpan won a sniper duel versus cadiaN and took down two more enemies. Nille saved Reason Gaming with three important frags, but cadiaN was unable to clutch 1on3 situation during a later round. Team Aligon won the match and not only qualified for DreamHack Summer 2014, but also received a higher seed.

Delpan's Aligon won FACEIT's DHS qualifier.

The current confirmed teams to participate in DreamHack Summer 2014 are the following:

Please note that there are total of four free spots left. Two teams will be directly invited and two spots will be available from the BYOC qualifier. Stay tuned to SK Gaming for additional information regarding DreamHack Summer 2014.




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