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Flash wins GomTV Star Invitational

By Raivo 'stormm' Streistermanis
Mar 1, 2008 16:20

ImageLee "Flash" Young Ho, a fifteen year old genius is not only considered to be one of the best, if not the best Starcraft players, but also has just won the prestige "GomTV Star Invitational".

Final results:

1st Flash - 20 000$
2nd Stork - 10 000$

And so one of the most exciting Starcraft tournaments in history, GomTV's "Xnote Star Invitational" has came to an end. This star-studded tournament was not only important for the global Starcraft scene, but for esports in general. This was the first Korean Starcraft tournament fully broadcasted with English commentaries with the help of the world’s best English-speaking Starcraft shoutcaster Nick "Tasteless" Plott.

The tournament started on February 17 and gave everyone two weeks of hardcore Starcraft action with such world-wide gaming stars as the legendary Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwan, the Golden Mouse award winner Lee "NaDa" Yoon Yeol, February's highest-ranked professional players Kim "Bisu" Taek Yong and Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong. Over these two weeks there were approximately 500 000 hits outside Korea to watch this tournament.

The final match was between the notorious boy wonder Lee "Flash" Young Ho and The Bird toss - Song "Stork" Byung Goo. The game started with an early dominant victory for Flash as he smashed Stork and it seemed that it will be an easy victory for him to win on other maps as well. But it wasn't so and the WCG 2007 title holder showed what he is capable of with striking fear in his opponent and winning next two maps.

The next game was a match-point for Stork as he could take the first place with a 3-1 run, but he couldn't accomplish that and Flash drew the game. The next and last map would determine the winner of this tournament and both players were tied 2-2. Despite Stork being more experienced and having his PvT on a really amazing level, Flash was unstoppable and smashed the Protoss' dragoons and carriers into pieces. And so after Storks called "gg" Lee Young Ho was crowned as the champion and will most likely move up to Rank #1 in KeSPA ratings.


Visit our Xnote Star Invitational coverage for more information.



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