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SK beats TSG - What a relief

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Feb 29, 2008 13:38

I'm sure many of you have been following the Bloodlust 5vs5 tournament, and some of the drama that the game between SK and TSG (teh super gosus) brought.

Sites like Gameriot and Gotfrag were not slow to pick up the drama that "SK" had caused. So I figured I might say a few words about my view on all that has happened.

I think trance made a very wise desicision with adding the new rules about disconnects. I mean, I do understand how it sucks when someone really disconnects (which was what happened in SK's case), but since it's online there's really nothing you can do about it. If you disconenct you just have to deal with it, it doesn't happen that often so it shouldn't be a very big problem, it shoulnd't even happen more than maybe a few times per tournament. So this rule is definitley good for the tournament although it's definitley not going to be fair sometimes - which everyone just has to accept.

Since there wasn't any set rules about this, and from what I understood this happend in the fnatic vs CLC match also, and CLC got that match replayed. I mean, when someone really does disconnect, it's pretty obvious that the match should be replayed. TSG claimed that it woulnd't have affected the outcome of the match, while SK did. TSG's word against SK's and a lot of ugly words were said, something that many people seem to have reacted to.
You have to know that these players are extreme winners, you don't end up in the top of bg9 if you don't have an eager to win, and in the heat of battle people say lots of things that they maybe shouldn't had. Being an ex football athlete myself, I do understand how this works, although I don't agree with it and it's definitley something that many people, especially wow players that maybe some day will end up as pro gamers have to think about.

I had a chat with Neilyo about this and the advice that I gave him, and I think a lot of other people (especially good players) is that they should let their performances speak for themselves. When you are a successful player, people will always trashtalk you, simply because everyone won't like you and definitley not agree with you. There's no point in being defensive about it (or agressive for that matter), you just have to let it go and just face the fact that some people will dislike or even hate you.

Anyway, I have to say that I'm very relieved that we managed to come back and win three straight games. Actually it was four wins since they won a rated match (+22 points!) also. Incredible job by them I must say, since they didn't have any experience whatsoever against that comp, since it's very unusual.

TSG still remains in the tournament and I really hope that we get to play them in the grand finals again.



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