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Nosgoth: Siege mode

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
May 15, 2014 18:42

ImageIt is finally time to reveal one of the most fun aspects of Nosgoth. Join me in uncovering Siege mode!

After a good number of game play hours I managed to hit the level 10 barrier. I personally read a lot about the Siege game mode, but nothing even comes close to playing it yourself. The excitement of having to constantly stay on your toes, ensuring that there is no looming danger during a target capture is a feeling that we have all experienced in one title or another. But something about the dark textures, the roar of blood-thirsty vampires and cries for help of your fallen teammates made this mode my personal favourite in a surprisingly short amount of time.

The Nosgoth tournament stage prior to the start of the match.

This time, along my usual narrative I will include a couple of game play videos from members of the community to illustrate the points made in the article. Despite Nosgoth still being in its closed beta stage, the community has grown larger and larger with tournaments taking place and organisations picking up Nosgoth squads. Given that it is a surprisingly easy game to spectate due to the simplicity in design, you can easily find many YouTube videos by IGN, PewDiePie and many others exploring it is a multiplayer title or others by Multiplay which focus on its eSports element and taking a more competitive approach.

Regardless, a simple visit to could bring you countless hours of fun. But let us stay on track, Siege mode is here!

Enter Siege mode!

While many do not agree, there is a good reason why Siege is available only after level 10. Before that however, let's actually explain what the mode is! Siege is a game mode which alters the objectives for both teams.

All maps are divided into six objective zones with both teams spawning on their respective sides. The purpose of the Human team is to capture as many of those six objectives as it can in the time limit. Oppositely, the Vampires must do all in their power to stop their enemy from achieving that goal. The first and most important thing to note here is the difference in scoring. In "New Recruit" each team scored one point per kill as the overall victory in the round came to the team who accumulated 30 points in total.

Click on the picture to view a gameplay video of Siege Part 1.

In Siege mode, things are a bit different. Humans only score points by capturing objectives. As there are 6 objectives and 30 points to win the round, simple math yields 5 points per captured objective. Vampires score one point per kill of an enemy team player. As usual, both teams have two rounds to prove who is the better team with the outcome of the round being decided by the first team to reach the magical number of 30. Aside from scoring, the other significant difference compared to the other modes is that the Vampire respawn timer is longer to balance the payoff of offensive and defensive kill trades.

Click on the picture to view a gameplay video of Siege Part 2.

As I hinted earlier I do believe it is the right decision to halt the availability of the mode to level 10. It is good to be at least fairly familiar with abilities, enemies and potential outcomes of the game prior to entering Siege. Here, your decisions in-game hold a significantly bigger importance as now new objectives need to be taken into consideration and elimination of the enemy (at least on the Human side) becomes secondary to positioning and objective choice.

As you enter the battlefield, the objectives are marked with letters from A to F and there are also pointers which lead you to the objective itself. Resembling a small bonfire altar, once you or a teammate of yours is close enough a "capture" begins and you must at that point position yourself and the team accordingly in order to create the best defensive formation. The capture lasts around 10 seconds. While this seems like a small amount of time, a well-coordinated Vampire squad can make those seconds into 10 days. That is why reacting to Vampire aggression accordingly is key. In the previous Nosgoth piece composition diversity in both factions was discussed. While you could probably sneak a couple of wins going with a fully offensive or fully tanky team in one of the other game types, I truly believe that Siege needs a diverse composition in order to win.

Both factions possess a key hero class in the game mode. The blood-sucking legion heavily relies on a good engage. A well-guarded capture point is no place for a Vampire assassin, but a perfectly placed engage by a Tyrant can make all the difference in the world. Capable of absorbing tons of damage, engage without hesitation and generally being a pain the Human defense, the Tyrant is a must in every Vampire composition.

Ideally, you would want at least one of these bad boys in your line-up.

Over at the Human camp, you would definitely need a skilled marksman capable of dealing with the attacking menace while the rest capture the point. A Hunter comes in handy with all of his offensive capabilities and ability to dish out a good amount of damage in a relatively short period of time.

Hints and Tips

We will finish this piece with a small H&T section!

1.) Diversity is key! - For reasons stated above and in our previous Nosgoth piece, composition diversity is half the battle.

2.) When playing as a Vampire, make sure to cut off the Human path when their squad is trying to move from one objective to another. A defense on the move is much harder to penetrate than one that has already been "statically" set.

3.) Be decisive when playing offensive Vampire classes. The capturing does not stop during battle(although it is heavily slowed) so elimination of the Human captors must be quick and within the blink of an eye.

4.) As Humans, make sure you take the quickest path when moving to the next capture point. The only fights you would wish to take are the ones where you are already capturing a point. Your whole squad is easy prey when on the move.

5.) Make sure you engage as effectively as possible once sieging a Human point. The vampire respawn timers are significantly longer and you could potentially find yourself in a very inconvenient situation should an engage go wrong more than once or twice.

6.) Stay close to the capture point, you would ideally want the process to never stop despite it can be heavily slowed by invaders. Set up a good perimeter around or close to the objective.

7.) While it is true that vampires score points with eliminations, getting trigger-happy is a giant no-no. There is more than one path to victory and effectively denying the capture opportunity from the Humans is a much more prized feat than eliminations. However it is a more difficult approach to incorporate.

The Nosgoth community is growing by the day and so is the development of the game. Want to get in on the Vampire versus Human action? Just visit and you can be one of the many beta key winners! See you on the battlefield!



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