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Evil Geniuses acquires compLexity's CoD squad

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
May 8, 2014 12:25

ImageA few days ago a very surprising message from the American Call of Duty scene came up. With compLexity Gaming selling their Call of Duty team to Evil Geniuses, a new name enters the growing CoD community.

Who would have imagined this? On Thursday evening US compLexity Gaming announced that they have sold their record Call of Duty team to the well-known organisation US Evil Geniuses.

Alexander Garfield, EG's CEO, incidentally mentioned within compLexity's announcement, that this is "[...]definitely the largest eSports contract buyout I've heard of[...]". Through the acquisition of the current Call of Duty World Champion, EG seems to have made a good investment as the former compLexity Line-Up just managed to win UGC Niagara with a 6-0 sweep in the finals.

At the same time the team's new and old captain US Patrick 'ACHES' Price reveals through a statement on the EG homepage that they will "[...]showcase the EG brand at the X Games, MLG Anaheim, and other events[...]". In the end, it remains to be seen whether the new jersey will affect the performance of the team.

New Call of Duty line-up of US Evil Geniuses:

Click here to read the news on the US Evil Geniuses homepage or go to US compLexity's announcement for further statements and information.

Image courtesy of Charlie INTEL.



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