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In Spotlight: shushu from Team Alternate Female

By T. 'Southn' M.
May 11, 2014 16:32

ImageToday in Spotlight - Lena "shushu" Babic, the retiring star of Team Alternate Female, will face up our questions.

Just a few weeks ago, one of the mainevents for the female CS:GO Scene took place, the Copenhagen Games. For our second interview we are sitting down with one of the keyplayers from Team Alternate, DE Lena "shushu" Babic. She is reviewing the event, as well as her personal future as a player with us.

Hello Lena, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for SK Gaming today. First of all would you introduce yourself to those readers which don't know you ?

"Hello SK Gaming, thank you for the interview! My name is Lena - ingame 'shushu', I'm 20 years old and I have played since December 2012 for Team ALTERNATE. I started playing in 2007."

Let us talk about your last month - you played the CPH-Games and did a bootcamp, how do you feel about your performance ?

"For me it was really good that we had the chance to meet each other before CPH-Games in our bootcamp house. I don't think many people know that we haven't practiced with the full line-up. Since I started my work in the police in March 2013, I was not able to play from Monday to Friday. I told the girls that they should try to find another 5th instead of me. After 2 weeks of searching they came back and we tried to found a solution and we decided that they will practice with 'approx' during the week and I will only practice Friday-Saturday-Sunday. So it was really good that we could do a bootcamp before and we used the time to play as much as we could.
I feel good about my own performance. I had around 15-20 hours of CS:GO when we arrived in Copenhagen. I know if we could have practiced more with me, we could have had a better performance as a TEAM. We ended up with the 3/4 place and that's really good for only 7 days of practice."

How did you like the CPH-Games in general, especially the female part which was organized by Logitech this year?

"I only remember the CPH-Games 2013. It was my first event and they organized it quite bad. I think they did a really great job this year and they tried not to do the same mistakes as last year. Of course some small things can always happen but all in all they did a really great job this year."

Where do you see the female scene in CS:GO, are you satisfied with the structure of female tournaments?

"Since I started playing in the female scene there have been only 2 Events in the year - CPH-Games and ESWC. It's really sad that there are not more female tournaments. I think the main problem is that there are not so much female teams which are playing for a long time together. Before every event girls try to make a team and search for an organisation but at the same time they split after the event."

To give our readers a little bit of an inside view, we know you are not a fulltime playing team so how do you keep up with the fulltime playing teams ?

"Well, we try to train as often as possible and that's the only thing that we can possibly do. Obviously we do not have the time as fulltime players but I think all in all it's enough and the gap between full and parttime is not that big in the female scene."

Team Alternate Female CS:GO at Bootcamp 2014

Click here to watch Alternates Winning Moment against BMG

In several interviews you stated you are practicing against male teams. Do you think you can compare professional female teams' skillevel to male teams'?

"I know there are always females who say: yes of course .. But I don't think so. A female team is practicing really different from a male team. If you want to play on a high level and if a female team want to compare in a male scene, they would need to play 24 hours or more to be as good as a male team. But in the same time I think there are still 2-3 girls who would have the skill to play in a male team."

Where do you see your future as a player, what do you want to improve on?

"My team know that it makes no sense for me to play anymore in a team. We talked in Copenhagen about my future. I want to finish my education really well. It was really hard for me to practice on the weekends cause I had no time for myself at all. I can tell you something about my normal day from Monday-Friday: I wake up every morning at 05:30 CET and my work ends at 16:40 CET. After that we are going to eat something and then we are going in the fitness/running/swimming. Then it's already around 19:00 CET and we are all going in our rooms and going trough the stuff we have done in school. So if I want to play in a professional team I need to spend a lot of time for my own game and also for the teamplay. It's not enough if I only play during the weekend and of course I also want to spend my free time with my friends because I can only see them on the weekend. I would like to play in this team. I really love my girls and we are really really good friends but for me it's time to stop with this and put all my power in my education. So I told them if they want me for their manager I would like to do this job and I would also like to go with them to the upcoming events and help them a lot :)."

As one of Germany's leading female streamers, do you want to continue this as well or change something in the future?

"Of course I will not stop 100% with CS:GO! I will continue playing when I have free time. So people will still see me streaming. Most of the time on the weekends."

Best of luck for the future Lena, the last words are up to you.

"First of all I want to thank you for the interview and the wishes.
I want to say thanks to all my/our Fans who were always behind me and my team!! ♥
THANKS to ALTERNATE and all our sponsors for their help and good sponsorship. Thanks to our Manager dennis and my girls - beyond,kathi,zaaz,irene,,kätzchen.
I have played with 2 different lineups and I have found 6 really lovely good new friends and I'm really happy for that. Thanks also to Manu-approx for his patience and help."

shushu's favorite moment :)

Stay tuned for more interviews coming up at SK Gaming. Do you want to tell us something which we should improve on or who we should interview next? Leave us a comment below.



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