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Epsilon eSports crowned EGL 12 Champions

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
May 8, 2014 12:22

ImageIt was a weekend full of Call of Duty tournaments around the globe. With the EGL 12 in Sheffield, UK and UMG's UGC Niagara in America, any Call of Duty fan in the world was served.

This last weekend could not have been more exciting. Eyes of European Call of Duty fans were fixed on the little town of Sheffield, where this years' spring tournament, EGL 12, took place. For America, it was the beautiful city of Niagara, where UMG's UGC Niagara took place. From US OpTic Gaming, on to US teamKaliber up to US compLexity Gaming, once again every American Call of Duty pro-team was on the move as they made their way to the famous waterfall.

As it could have been expected, once again the current world champion US compLexity Gaming (now US Evil Geniuses) was able to prevail in the tournament and secure the first place in this tournament. However, the European tournament seemed to be much more exciting after the frequent roster changes which happened prior to it.

With 63 teams attending from all over the European continent, only one single German team was attending alongside Europe's elite. DE fabE Games eSports is the name of the German team which traveled to Sheffield to fight against the best Call of Duty teams in Europe. Unfortunately, DE fabE only reached a placement within the 12 best teams in the tournament and got eliminated by the future EGL 12 champions UK Epsilon eSports.

Finally, the match which everyone has been waiting for, UK TCM Gaming and UK Epsilon eSports, happened as they faced off in the finals once again. As we have already mentioned, UK Epsilon eSports was able to win this final on a very late Sunday evening and claim another tournament victory after their triumph at the Insomnia 51 Gaming Festival in UK Coventry.

Final placements:

1st - UK Epsilon eSports (Tommey, Swanny, Joshh, Jurd)
2nd - UK TCM Gaming (MarkyB, Gunshy, Moose, Peatie)
3rd - Reign (Reign Joocybrah, Reign Joee, Reign Reece, Reign DEVR)
4th - FR Team Vitality (Gotaga, BroKeN, Krnage, RskN)
5th - UK Exertus (Exertus PuFecto, Exertus Vizz, Exertus Storer, Exertus Swiftz)
6th - UK CheckMate (Kipper, Hawqeh, Insanatised, SSwifty)
7/8th - UK Infused (infused Momo, infused Watson, infused JTee, infused Peatie)
7/8th - UK View.Menace (view Robz, view Dominate, view LXT, view Necrome)
9-12th - DE FAB Games eSports (fabE RusH, fabE GunElite, fabE StricT, fabE Torres)
9-12th - UK Denial (MeLo, Realize, Wonder, Luke)
9-12th - UK View.Spectrum (view Patto, view Sunstah, view Waltz, Reason Reedy)
9-12th - UK Orbit.UK (Orbit Wongy, Orbit endurAAA, Orbit Lewis, Orbit BounCe)

Image courtesy of EGL and Epsilon eSports



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