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In Spotlight: Pimp of Denmark

By T. 'Southn' M.
May 9, 2014 14:03

ImageAs the kick off of our Interview Series after the Copenhagen Games, today we are sitting down with Ex-3DMAX player Pimp.

DK Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche, one of the most talanted players in the Danish CS:GO Scene who has just parted ways with his team 3DMAX last week will bring us now some of the reasons why this talented team was not capable of keeping up with the Top.

Hello Jacob, may you introduce yourself first to all readers which do not know you already?

"Hello SK! My name is Jacob Winneche and I'm currently a professional CS:GO player from Denmark. Currently I don’t have a team, but that will hopefully be different after the summer period! I live close to a City called Aalborg, and I'm studying in a college, focusing on things like Promotion, sales, and economy."

Today we are talking just a few days after the big news about the division of 3DMAX, would you summarize what exactly happened after CPH-Games?

"After a rather disappointing Copenhagen Games we had a talk about what the future would contain. We quickly came up with some problems we all agreed were needed to be fixed before we could go on. One of them being the need of an AWP player. When I started playing CSS I was the AWP player for my teams, and I also played the AWP for Anexis until Nico joined after Thor open 2012. I have ever since that period wanted to get back to the AWP, but the trust and timing from my team mates has never allowed me to do so. I basically said to my team that I wanted to take care of the AWP role, and if they rather wanted me to play Riffle that was okay, but then I would just leave the team. That was exactly what happened, they tried to find another AWP player, but the ones they asked all refused so they decided to just split the team up completely.
That means I, on a personal level, start from scratch with playing the AWP, so whenever I will find a team it most likely will not be a top tier team. Until then I'm on a lovely break, where I can focus on my school, and maybe get some experience with casting some CS:GO matches."

In your statement on you say that you will not retire and just wait for the right team. Anything already on your mind?

"There is nothing planed at all for me. I'm taking what I feel is a well-deserved break where I don’t have to commit myself to practice each night, and instead just chill around, and prepare myself on joining a team being the AWP player. As I stated in my statement, that could be a 2 weeks break, a 2 month, or maybe even ½ a year break, that is something only the future would know. I'm still motivated to give it all, to again claim my way back to the very top of the scene."

Why do you think it is so hard to keep up with the Top teams offline, where does this struggle come from?

"Well ever since I started playing CS:GO I have been on a top 10 team in the world, also a top 5 over a period of 6 months. Lately the Danish scene has struggled to put together good teams, because the player material has been limited. Also the results seem much worse than it actually felt playing the game. At EMS Katowice we lost a game against LDLC we should have won after leading 9-3 on T side inferno, eventually we still lost it. At Copenhagen Games I'm 100% sure that Reason was the worst matchup for us, because their playstyle didn't fit us very well. They got 2 AWP players in Friis and Karrigan and we got none, which was a huge problem in the game. We should have won it, but we failed to deliver when it counted the most, and then you often lose."

Old 3DMAX team. (Photo by

Many people are speculating about the VAC-Ban of Nichlas "Nille" Busk, can you light up what happened?

"I don’t have much to say about it. I don’t know what happened, he could have cheated for fun or as in rage, he could have been hacked. I guess the only one who knows the truth Is Nille himself. If he has been hacked though, I feel that Valve should check up on it, and unban him if he is telling the truth."

Let's talk a little about the game, how do you feel about the newest changes in CS:GO?

"Overall the game is updated pretty well, I like playing it, otherwise I would not do it. The only update which has pissed me off, was the movement update, so it was no longer possible to tapshot when you quickly AD AD AD. It was a ridiculous hard technique to master, but I spent 6 months on Deathmatch almost every day, eventually this was also why I played so good in Western Wolves, and then they just changed it. That was a pretty sad moment for me, even though I see the reason to change it. It just felt as I had wasted so much of my time."

Do you think that CS:GO is on the way like CS 1.6 was before tournament and money-wise?

"I think CS:GO is even better. As I understand it the prize money of the BIG tournaments sponsored by Valve are bigger than CS 1.6 had in its prime. Also the fact that there is always something to play in CS:GO. You can always play an online tournament, which often gets streamed because of the big attention there is on the game now. The scene in 1.6 was also, as I understand it, all about the majors and the LAN tournaments, where the only things that took place online were the qualifiers to those tournaments.
Also for the less skilled teams there are plenty of options to compete, increase their skill level, and eventually work yourself up as a team or as a player to some day become a “real” pro. The scene seems much more open to new talents and players than it was before. However, it also seems like there are plenty of idiots out there trying to cheat their way up, which I don’t believe has anything to do with the game, just the general moral, attitude, and behavior of young people nowadays."

Where do you see the game in general, let's say in one year time?

"I see the game even bigger than it is now. The player base keeps increasing and if Valve keeps pumping money in the game, and actually starts care about it, it would not surprise me if The international 5 could be with CS:GO, if not as a main title then at least as a subtitle.
Besideс that, I hope sponsors and other people who have the capital to invest in the CS:GO scene seriously consider it. The game is growing and the stream viewers keep increasing from day to day, which in the end must please the sponsors even more. So if we so far with lower numbers have had such a successful online scene, I don’t see the reason for that not to continue in the upcoming year."

To end our short interview, where do you see yourself in terms of eSports this year? Will you become a Full-Time Player?

"I definitely will not become a Full-Time player in the next year. I still got one more year left before I'm done with school, and dropping out of that is not really an option. It should be something spectacular which I can’t even imagine would happen. I see myself playing more for a top team, which is willing to do everything they can to fulfill their goals."

Thank you for your time Jacob, all the best for the future. The last words belong to you.

"Not much to say, I’m glad if you liked reading this interview, it's not something I do for myself, but for people our there that might be interested in hearing my words. Besides that if you liked what you read, feel free to follow me on either twitter or facebook.
@PimpCSGO /
Have a nice summer vacation whenever you get there, enjoy it!"

Stay tuned for more interviews coming up at SK Gaming. Do you want to tell us something which we should improve on or who we should interview next? Leave us a comment below.



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