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Nosgoth: The battlefield

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
May 3, 2014 15:02

ImageThe third Nosgoth article is finally here. Today, we will focus our attention on the core gameplay and give out hints and tips on how to survive in the harsh arena environment.

Last time, we familiarized ourselves with the main menu and all key components we should know in order to enter the battlefield. From news, through Armory and Inventory, to the mighty Play button, making sure you have all the knowledge you need would definitely be a plus once the action ensues.

In the following lines we will discuss your first steps in battle and what you should be on the lookout for in order to quickly improve and start creating your own style of play. Here, as the game gives you quite the number of classes from each race (with more incoming every day), the diversity and unique behavior of each class is the icing of the game. Need a brute that will penetrate the enemy defense without breaking a sweat? The Tyrant is undoubtedly your cup of tea then! On the other hand, you are a fan of ambushes, disruption and making your enemies blood turn cold? Pick the Reaver and become the threat that suits you the most.

If you have missed our previous piece on how to begin to familiarise yourself with the title, you can check it out here.Without further ado, let us dive right into the intricacies of Nosgoth and start paving our path towards victory.

New recruit

I highly recommend starting from this game mode as it will match you with players of similar skill so you can all explore the game together. Once the queue is over and the game has loaded you will find yourself randomly assigned to a faction - Vampires or Humans. Here, is where you find yourself making the first important choice, class selection. While many players prefer mastering one class and sticking to it, I usually try to be the "filler" in the team and take what we most lack.

Remember, the team with most variety has a higher chance of winning! Why? Simple, you have more abilities which in turn, create more offensive and defensive capabilities for your team. Imagine a team full of the tanky Tyrants. That team may not give up that much kills, but given their lack of true damage dealers, victory will remain a chimera for them. The same principle can be applied to the Human class. Picking a team full of Hunters is pure joy for the Vampires who will do their best to work the map in their favour and deny your crowd control abilities and completely negate your damage. Diversity is key, not to mention that playing all the classes is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.



The interface is very user-friendly and players with even a tiny bit of online game experience will have no issues adapting to Nosgoth. The developers have also taken a very clever approach to the game as each class has only three abilities in his/her arsenal (basic attack excluded) in order to have a unique experience in playing all of them. With only three abilities, it is a piece of cake to learn them by heart and come back to that knowledge once you want to assemble a well-rounded team at the beginning of the game.

Apart from that the Interface features your Health points (HP), your abilities and their Cooldown time (if they have been used), a very helpful mini-map on the lower right corner and your teammates and their HP on the top right. Given that all the information you need is sitting right there on the screen it is easy see how the game flows at the current moment. Remember to always keep an eye on the map, it is an invaluable source of information and can easily spill out the answer once you need to quickly reposition or find another offensive post.

The last and probably most important feature lies on top - the time and score. Whatever you do or whatever happens, always be aware of how much time is left until the end of the round. I have encountered many teams who did not respect the timer and have given me a sweet, sweet victory by attacking or defending at the incorrect windows of opportunity.

Location, Location, Location!

What I liked most about Nosgoth in the beginning is how tailored to both classes and diverse all the maps were. While Vampires could use every small, dark corner to ambush an unsuspecting human force, so could their counter-part identify key spots where a successful defense could be prepared. High grounds, low points, hidden corners, open fields, the mixture given to us is very interesting and open to strategic thought.

We already know that both faction can use the map to their advantage, so it would be a good idea in the long run to start keeping track of your movement. Knowing how to position yourself in order to maximize the potential of your class can win you the game if done correctly. Knowledge of the map will also give you an escape route if you happen to stumble upon an enemy force or a shortcut you can use to pursue a wounded foe.

Watching from above

The screenshot above perfectly illustrates my point. Depending on the class you can use almost every spot on the map for your purposes. See how the Reaver is scouting the area and based on his observation, will take the best course of action in order to score the most eliminations! While I do realize most of the random games do not go like that, there is nothing wrong in trying to create a playstyle of your own liking. Whether that is going head-on and smashing the enemies with brute force or a calculated, more sneaky approach is what you favour, Nosgoth has it all!

To sum up, the main points I can give new players are the following:

1. Diversity is key. Why? More options equals more opportunities and as you gain more experience, those opportunities will start garnering you even more victories! Also, you learn the game at an incredibly fast pace and know what to expect from your opponents.

2. Use all the available information. Why? Knowledge is power and the interface gives more than enough for you to transform into a winning strategy. Learning how to use that information does not happen overnight, but with slow and gradual build-up. In addition, I can vouch that there is not greater feeling than outsmarting your opponent.

3. The map is your biggest ally. Why? Always remember that both factions use the map and as long as you are not out of position, the enemy will have quite a tough time punishing your mistakes! Also, stick with your team.

With all that information in mind, you can head over to the battlefield and test yourselves! Have fun and remember to visit to find out all the latest news around the game and apply for a beta key! Keep an eye out for our next piece on Nosgoth right here on!

Second screenshot courtesy of incgamers.



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