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SK and CoD team go their separate ways

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Apr 27, 2014 19:36

ImageAfter we look back on nearly a year of productive cooperation, of course it is very difficult for us to announce that the Call of Duty team will no longer play under the flag of SK Gaming.

Today we are officially announcing that the DE SK Gaming Call of Duty Team will be leaving SK Gaming in two-sided agreement. But we do not want to end the time of our Call of Duty team with this lusterless single sentence.

Before SK Gaming and the Call of Duty team go their separate ways, we would like to look back at the past months.

It all started in August 2013 when an (internationally) relatively unknown German Call of Duty team joined SK Gaming. At that time the team was not even completed yet but SK Gaming already realized the existing potential and invested in a common future with the team. In the same month Gamescom 2013 took place, and SK Gaming was invited to allude the new Call of Duty title and test its eSports suitability. What's more, you could meet the guys at the Bigben Interactive booth where everyone was able to get some useful tricks and tips by the professionals themselves.

Just two months later the next big event was in sight. The Gfinity Pro League Season #1 was the then-leading Call of Duty competition throughout Europe. With the SK Gaming Call of Duty team taking the second place in this league they set their name out across the European Call of Duty scene as one of the best and powerful teams.

On their first LAN event, the SkyLine #2 in Paris, our name got a little kink. In Paris they could not meet the expectations to get within the Top 3 and only ended up with a placement within the best 8 teams of the tournament. Even the frequent roster changes within the Call of Duty team made the collaboration between SK Gaming and the CoD team a little more difficult and in the end it harmed the results in the different competitions.

Despite the many player changes and thanks to the frequent assistance of longtime SK player DE Kevin 'raidN' Kreutzberg, they were able to qualify for the Call of Duty $1.000.000 World Championship 2014. Although the team delivered a very good performance at the Championship in Los Angeles, you could see once again that the frequent changes harmed their team play. Ultimately, the team already retired from the Championship within the group stage.

Unfortunately Team Manager DE Daniel 'ShoX' Berger was not available for a statement regarding their decision to leave SK Gaming.

We would like to thank the team for their great dedication to always improve theirselves, their will to win and for all the time we spent together. We really wish them the best of luck for the future.



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