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BMG wins CPH Games female tournament

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Apr 25, 2014 03:02

ImageThe Swedish team Bad Monkey Gaming conquered the female tournament of Copenhagen Games.

SE Bad Monkey Gaming fe won Copenhagen Games' Logitech G - Ladies challenge over FR Imaginary Gaming fe. Read below for details.

The first map was de_inferno, where the Swedish team started on the preferred CT side. The pistol round went to Imaginary Gaming, thanks to FR Perrine 'Lalita' Allesiardo's outstanding defense of bombsite B, which ended up with four frags win for her. The second round went badly for the French team, as they decided to go with four P90s and a Galil, rather than buying the standard rifles, which led the team to an 1on3 situation lost, yet FR Marie-Astrid 'RiMA' Vayssade was able to take down three targets with only 1hp left, but was denied in the end by ES Sonia 'Sonia' García, who also scored a triple kill during that round. SE Julia 'juliano' Kiran took the lead for her team as she managed to secure the next two rounds with three frags each. SE Zainab 'zAAz' Turkie decided to peak in middle and instantly killed two opponents and one more later with M4A1-S during the sixth round. RiMA bought an AWP early on the offensive side which is not often seen, yet threatening, but unfortunately was left in a tough position unable to score a kill, as SE Therese 'lillsan' Petersson went aggressive from banana to middle and shot down two from behind winning the round. Imaginary Gaming quickly infiltrated bombsite B during the next round and managed to secure it, thanks to Lalita's excellent play. Sonia went aggressive early in the next round with an AWP in middle and managed to take an important entry kill and one more later to win the round. Lots of Molotov cocktails were used by the ladies from BMG, allowing juliano to step further to banana and spray down four enemies. Imaginary Gaming won the followed round, as BMG decided to rush from both middle and banana leaving highway unsecured, which allowing the French ladies to attack from behind. RiMA clutched another important round and overall secured a fair amount of rounds on the weaker side for the French team. The Swedish star zAAz won the last round of the first half with three kills.

The pistol round of the second half went absolutely devastating for the French team, as we witnessed the ladies from Bad Monkey Gaming catching their opponents off guard with a lightning fast rush to bombsite B, taking four enemies instantly and in the end winning the all important round flawlessly. The next two rounds went to the Swedish team as well, but with serious casualties. BMG.fe managed to secure the first gun round too, thanks to zAAz's three crucial frags. Despite being low on supplies, FR Clara 'Cla' Rossi managed to clutch an important 1on2 situation. Unfortunately the French team was unable to take the followed round, which resulting in left them in a rough economic situation. RiMA scored two impressive frags with Desert Eagle in middle, allowing her teammate FR Amandine 'AmandiiNee' Hennrich to finish off the followed round. Team BMG was able to recover from the lost round against the eco rounded French team and managed to score the last remaining round to win the first map.

Moving forward to the second map, which was the community favorite de_dust2. Team BMG won the knife round and decided to start on CT side. The pistol round was extremely close, as we witnessed zAAz taking an aggressive position in middle and taking down two enemies from behind, giving her team the early advantage, however the French player AmandiiNee managed to equalize the chances and was on the verge of winning the all important round and scoring an ace with it, but was denied in the end by ES Irene 'iRene' Sanchez in a tight 1on1 situation, yet AmandiiNee managed to plant the bomb and by doing this secured few extra dollars for her team. The next round went to the Swedish team as well, as we witnessed iRene taking a double kill with grenade and two more with a rifle. The first gun round was extremely close too, as we witnessed zAAz clutching 1on1 situation in the end, defusing the bomb and scoring a beautiful ace. Team BMG won a 4on3 situation against the French team, who bought three AWPs in a single round. Imaginary Gaming occupied bombsite A during the sixth round and had FR Rose 'PrincesS' Sarite hidden behind a smoke finishing off the last two remaining enemies. PrincesS managed to win the followed round as well, as she managed to take down iRene early in the round and also win an AWP duel against juliano. The ex-ALTERNATE player zAAz decided to move from long to middle to surprise her opponents and managed to shoot down three enemies with P250 in order to win the eighth round. Sonia came up with four kills denying the French team's middle rush in a later round. Sonia and the low on health iRene managed to clutch 2on2 situation and added yet another round to the score. Imaginary Gaming managed to win the next round, thanks to Cla's four frags. The last round of the first half was single handedly won by PrincesS with a 1on1 clutch and four kills in the end.

The Swedish team once again managed to win the pistol round flawlessly, as we witnesses the ladies from Bad Monkey Gaming quickly infiltrating bombsite A and crashing everything on the way, leaving PrincesS alone in a nearly impossible to win 1on5 situation. Team BMG won the next round too as expected, but was unable to overcome AmandiiNee's outstanding play and lost the first gun round. Cla denied a rush from the Swedish team, as she managed to burn to death two enemies with a Molotov cocktail and shoot down two more with M4A4. Team BMG once again decided to go for bombsite B, but was cleaned out by PrincesS and RiMA. Solid individual performance by lillsan and juliano managed to turn the tide in their favor and allowed the Swedish team to take the needed five rounds to win the match.

(?) - SE Bad Monkey Gaming fe 16:8 FR Imaginary Gaming fe (9:6; 7:2) @ de_inferno
(?) - SE Bad Monkey Gaming fe 16:10 FR Imaginary Gaming fe (9:6; 7:4) @ de_dust2

Team BMG after winning Copenhagen Games 2014. (Photo property of

The final standings of Copenhagen Games 2014 Logitech G - Ladies challenge are the following:

1st – SE Bad Monkey Gaming fe - $5,126.00
2nd – FR Imaginary Gaming fe - $2,355.00
3-4th – DE Team ALTERNATE fe - $1,108.00
3-4th – FR LDLC fe - $1,108.00
5-8th – DE Epsilon e-Sports Female - $0.00
5-8th – DE Playing Ducks fe - $0.00
5-8th – NO Queens of Norway - $0.00
5-8th – SE Concord Gaming fe - $0.00
9-11th – SE Team TacTiX fe - $0.00
9-11th – EU fm!Ladies - $0.00
9-11th – EU - $0.00

Congratulations to SE Bad Monkey Gaming fe for winning the female tournament of Copenhagen Games 2014. The next time we will be able to witness more action from the female scene will most likely be ESWC 2014.

Stay tuned to SK Gaming for more from Copenhagen Games 2014.



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