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Gfinity EU Pro League: Week 2

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Apr 26, 2014 00:22

ImageAfter the disappointing match against Erupt Gaming in Week 1 of the Gfinity European Pro League, this week our team was expecting TeamYouTube.LP.

After last week's 3-1 loss to Erupt Gaming, it was the second British team in a row that was awaiting our Call of Duty team. As we have written in our recap about "Week 1" of the Gfinity's European Pro League, GB TeamYouTube.LP just signed Call of Duty veteran player GB Shane 'ShAnE' McKerral (former captain of the CoD Champs 2014 team EU Lightning Pandas) as their new fourth player. Furthermore GB TeamYouTube.LP managed to beat one of the French powerhouses from FR Team Vitality(.Rises) in last week's fixture, and thus moved with a big package of self-confidence in the upcoming match against DE SK Gaming.

However, our team was not impressed by their potential self-confidence and clearly set the focus on improving their skills in Domination. Last week DE SK Gaming was not able to win one of the two Domination maps, what ultimately led them losing the match against GB Erupt Gaming. Eventually it was not very hard to figure out where the weaknesses of the team came from.

DE SK Gaming vs. GB TeamYouTube.LP

AT 8 PM CEST the match was finally kicking off on Strikezone in DE SK Gaming's unloved game type Domination. But it seemed as if the intense training had paid off and SK took the lead in this first round. With a great performance, especially of AT Kevin 'Kivi' Fiala, you could see the first round in this Bo5 ending in favor of SK Gaming (final score: 177-134). Second round was played on Freight in game mode "Search and Destroy". According to rumors within the European Call of Duty scene, this game mode is the most outstanding discipline of German-speaking Call of Duty teams. Once again the team managed to make the rumors a reality and win this second round with a final score of 6-3.

With a 2-0 lead DE SK Gaming went into the potentially decisive third round on Octane (game mode: Blitz). In contrast to last week's performance the team could already work out a 16-13 victory after the first game and avoided another annoying and stressful replay.

Finishing the match against GB TeamYouTube.LP with a 3-0 victory puts DE SK Gaming at the 3rd place in this two weeks young Gfinity European Pro League. You can see all the placements here.

Here are the results of "Week 2" of Gfinity's European Pro League:

DE SK Gaming 3 - 0 GB TeamYouTube.LP
GB Epsilon eSports 3 - 1 GB Infused Gaming
GB TCM Gaming 3 - 2 GB Erupt Gaming
FR Vitality.Rises (free win) - /FR Vitality.Returns/

Due to internal reasons FR Vitality.Returns has been removed from the current Pro League season. Thus FR Vitality.Rises earned a free win in their match against their colleagues. (Please note that there is still no official announcement regarding this topic. However, this will be the likely solution.)

VOD of the match against GB TeamYouTube.LP will be available on this YouTube channel within the next few days.

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