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Copenhagen Games: Playoffs

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Apr 19, 2014 03:56

ImageA little preview of the playoffs and information about tomorrow's matches of Copenhagen Games.

Since there were large amounts of teams playing simultaneously and most of those matches were simply dominated by one side, we decided to skip the group stages and move directly to the playoffs, covering two of the few hot matches.

We will start with the Swedish rivalry between SE Team Property and SE Lemondogs . The first map was de_mirage, where Team Property managed to take the knife round and start on the more satisfying CT side. Lemondogs secured the all important pistol round, thanks to SE George 'INTERISTA' Slivo's three kills during that round. Team LD scored the next two rounds as well, but was unable to penetrate Team Property's defensive positions at bombsite B during the first gun round. Team Property scored a team ace during the fifth round. SE Christian 'Spitfire' Schiölde went huge during a later round, as we witnessed him taking down four opponents and allowing his teammate BA Faruk 'pita' Pita to clutch 1on1 situation against SE Joel 'emilio' Mako and win the important round. SE Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill's excellent sniping abilities scored the ninth round for his team. Two beautiful kills from pita thru smoke at B hall boosted Team Property even further. Team Property added total of eleven rounds in a row in their score, but unfortunately for them the last round of the first half was clutched by Lemondogs in a close 2on1 situation.

The pistol round of the second half went directly to Team Property, thanks to SKYTTEN and SE Fredrik 'roque' Honak, who managed to successfully defend the bomb in a 2on2 situation. The next round went flawlessly for Team Property. The first gun round was won by Lemondogs, thanks to SE Danniél Antonio 'dalito' Morales and emilio's double AWP stack, but were demolished by pita and eksem during the next round. SKYTTEN and company managed to win the last round of the first map.

The second map was de_dust2, where the knife round was once again won by Team Property, but surprisingly this time they decided to start on the less favored CT side. Team Lemondogs managed to secure the pistol round, thanks to emilio managing to sneak from middle to CT base right behind the backs of his opponents. SE Daniel 't3h f4rm3r' Börzsönyi scored the next round with three kills against the eco rounded Team Property. It seemed in the beginning that the first half was promising for Lemondogs, as the team managed to add the first gun round to their score as well, but during the fifth was denied by eksem, who managed to open the round for his team with three additional frags. Team Property took the early advantage once again during the next round, as we witnessed pita rushing middle aggressively and taking down an enemy with a single bullet from AK-47 at long distance. Team Property continued to add round after round, until emilio and INTERISTA's demolition at bombsite B during the twelfth round. SKYTTEN won the fourteenth round single handedly by scoring down four enemies. Intelligent Molotov usage from Team Property won them the last round of the first half.

Team Property continued to dominate during the second half as well, as we witnessed roque and his teammates winning the pistol round and the next five rounds in a row, eventually winning the match with flawless second half.

(?) - SE Team Property 16:5 SE Lemondogs (11:4; 5:1) @ de_mirage
(?) - SE Team Property 16:5 SE Lemondogs (10:5; 6:0) @ de_dust2

The second match that we covered was between the Danish teams DK Reason Gaming and DK 3DMAX . Reason Gaming won the knife round and started on the heavily favored CT side on de_train. The crucial pistol round went to Reason Gaming as well. DK Nikolaj 'EXR' Therkildsen scored four frags with P90 against the eco rounded 3DMAX during the third round. Despite the rough start, 3DMAX scored the first gun round, but very closely. The in-game leader of 3DMAX DK Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander won the fifth round by taking down three opponents. Unfortunately for 3DMAX, DK Frederik 'LOMME' Nielsen and DK Michael 'Friis' Jørgensen managed to turn the tide and take the lead for Reason Gaming with an outstanding retake of bombsite B. The former Fnatic duo Friis and DK Finn 'karrigan' Andersen managed to clutch an important 2on2 situation. 3DMAX were on the verge of returning, as we witnessed gla1ve finding an open path from middle to bombsite B and slowly approaching from behind two Reason Gaming players, but unfortunately despite him being able to shoot them down with just an CZ75-Auto in hands, was overcome by the remaining players of Reason Gaming. DK Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen was vital for his team during the tenth round, as he managed to take down four opponents and clutching an extremely dangerous situation. The Danish in-game leader karrigan helped his squad to take the next round with two instant headshots with Desert Eagle, which left 3DMAX in a tough economic situation. The twelfth round went flawlessly to Reason Gaming, securing them enormous lead. Furthermore, DK Danni 'smF' Dyg's four frags denied 3DMAX from infiltrating bombsite B, allowing his team to take yet another flawless round. The last round of the first half was won by karrigan, who managed to clutch a crucial 1on1 situation.

A successful B rush from Reason Gaming won them the all important pistol round with three additional frags in the scoreboard for Friis. 3DMAX's DK Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche managed to stun the viewers with a fantastic eco round win. The next round went smoothly in the beginning for 3DMAX, but surprisingly Friis managed to perform the improbable in the end, as we witnessed him winning a devastating 1on3 in close combat with an AWP in hands. 3DMAX desperately decided to do an anti-eco round, but unfortunately did not worked out well for them. However during the next round MSL once again went absolutely insane for his team, as he managed to shock Reason Gaming with four frags with Desert Eagle. More or less, Reason Gaming were able to win the first map with excellent team play.

Moving forward to the second map de_inferno, where we witnssed Reason Gaming once winning the knife round and starting on CT side. 3DMAX were able to plant the bomb during the pistol round, but were wiped out by smF and company. DK Philip 'aizy' Aistrup brilliantly scored four frags on an eco round, winning the second round for his team. 3DMAX managed to win the first gun round as well, once again thanks to aizy. EXR and his troops secured the eighth round. Another successful retake from Reason Gaming won them yet another round. Smart positioning by karrigan on bombsite B added him three kills and won the tenth round for Reason Gaming. A devastating rush from 3DMAX appeared, which left EXR in a impossible to win 1on4 situation during the twelfth round. Friis continued to perform well and managed to snipe down four 3DMAX players in order to win the first half of the second map.

The pistol round of the second half went directly to team 3DMAX, who managed to clutch 2on1 situation and tied the scores. 3DMAX managed to win the next two rounds and as well as the followed first gun round. LOMME managed to secure one round for Reason Gaming, but 3DMAX quickly raised up and continued to stack rounds. 3DMAX eventually won the needed rounds to win the map and to move on to third map.

The third and last map was de_dust2. Reason Gaming for third time the knife round and started on the slightly favored T side. The vital pistol and the next two rounds went as expected to Reason Gaming. The first gun round was scored by karrigan's squad too. 3DMAX won two rounds, but was outmatched by Friis' excellent sniping. Reason Gaming won the next round with an aggressive attack on bombsite B. The Danish in-game leader gla1ve managed to win the ninth round with three kills and the bomb defused. The former Fnatic duo Friis and karrigan once again clutched a dangerous 2on2 situation. 3DMAX won the last two rounds of the first half.

DK Nichlas 'Nille' Busk instantly took down two enemies with Glock 18 in order to open the pathway from catwalk to bombsite A, giving his teammates enough time to barricade the target. 3DMAX's gla1ve secured the first gun round by clutching a vital 1on2 situation. Another successful capturing of bombsite A was performed by gla1ve and his squad, but Reason Gaming managed to retake the next one and shake the score a bit. Several close rounds were exchanged by the Danish teams, until LOMME and smF came up with a very close round victory over 3DMAX. Yet another extremely close situation was clutched by LOMME, this time 1on3 against Nille in the end. 3DMAX was close of sealing the third map, but Reason Gaming managed to score several crucial rounds to keep them in the fight. Reason Gaming eventually managed to secure overtime. The overtime was not long at all, as we witnessed Reason Gaming winning all three rounds as CT and losing only one as T.

(?) - DK Reason Gaming 16:7 DK 3DMAX (11:4; 5:3) @ de_train
(?) - DK Reason Gaming 11:16 DK 3DMAX (8:7; 3:9) @ de_inferno
(?) - DK Reason Gaming 19:16 DK 3DMAX (8:7; 15:15; OT: 3:0; 1:1) @ de_dust2

Reason Gaming after securing the overtime in the third map against 3DMAX. (Photo by

The results of the other matches from the playoffs can be found in Copenhagen Games' tournament page. Now the schedule for third and final day of Copenhagen Games is the following:

(?) - 10:00 CET – SE Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. DK Reason Gaming
(?) - 10:00 CET – DK Team Dignitas vs. SE Fnatic
(?) - 10:00 CET – PL vs. SE LGB eSports
(?) - 10:00 CET – FR LDLC vs. FR Titan eSports

Which teams will be lifting these trophies tomorrow? (Photo by

Stay tuned to SK Gaming for more action from Copenhagen Games 2014.



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