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SK at the Copenhagen Games: Groupstage

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Apr 19, 2014 13:47

ImageAfter winning their first match against Nightlife Gaming on wednesday, SK Prime qualified for the group stage of the Copenhagen Games! They faced Cloud 9 EU, Counter Counter Clockwise and n!Faculty in Group B.

SK Gaming Prime vs. Counter Counter Clockwise

The group stage day started off with the match against Counter Counter Clockwise, a Scandinavian team filled with EUNE Challenger players who was formed earlier this year.

Both matches were pretty convincing. SKP didn't have that much of a problem with the CCC players and their composition. One could see that the boot camp really paid off. In the second match of the Bo3, CCC pulled out a laneswap to avoid a bad matchup for the botlane. This went horribly for Them. With Jinx and Tigerstance-Udyr on SKP's side, the bottom tower dropped really quickly and they were back in time to defend their top tower. From that point on, SK Prime controlled the game and sieged down tower after tower to open the map for them and push CCC back to control the dragon area. With early five towers to zero on CCC side, Mozilla and army brought the second match to a quick ending.

SK Gaming Prime vs. n!Faculty

The second Bo3 was against the German team n!faculty. N!Faculty is one of the best teams in the ESL Pro Series(German national league) and will play this tournament to get ready for the national playoffs.

The game started with a laneswap by n!faculty where, as in the first game, it turned out in SK Prime's favour. Unfortunately n!faculty was able to get all early to midgame dragons which got them quite a good gold advantage. A roaming Leona made things even worse and slowly but surely, n!faculty extended their lead. In the end, SK Prime was pushed back into their base, couldn't contest any objective and got rushed by n! after the second baron of the game.

In the second game we had standard lane matchups. The laning phase was very long and especially SK's botlane of Sixx and Zvanillan got beaten over and over again. Due to that, SKP couldn't contest any of the early game dragons. Then and as in the first game, n!faculty snowballed the midgame and after a fight around the baron pit, they killed three prime members and picked up the baron buff. With this, n! sieged down the bottom and middle inhibitor, backed to base and finished the game right after.

To advance to the K.O. round, SK Prime now had to win against Cloud 9 HyperX Eclipse in the last Bo3 of the day.

SK Gaming Prime vs. Cloud 9 Eclipse

C9 Eclipse will play against the SUPA HOT CREW in exactly one week and uses this tournament for preparation, playing against a few of the best Challenger Teams in Europe.

As in the last games, SK Prime won the laneswap, getting their tower way earlier than their opponents. On the other hand, C9E was in the driver’s seat in the first seven minutes. With kills all over the map, mostly created by C9E's jungler Santorin, his laners were in a good position in the lane. A disastrous teamfight in the toplane sealed the deal for C9E and was pretty much the key to victory for Cloud 9 Eclipse. The minutes after were not important anymore because C9E built up such a big lead which SKP could never catch up anytime soon.

The second match was played in standard lane matchups. Once again, Santorin got his hands on Evelynn, a comfort pick for him. He was there every time he was needed to counter gank or gank himself. But SK Prime tried to keep up! With some good picks at the botlane they closed out the gold deposit a bit and kept themselves in the game. An awesome dragon fight at the 18th minute brought SKP completely back into the match. With three kills for nothing and the dragon on top they equalized the gold count. The following teamfights were very, very close and the game was even throughout the whole midgame. Teamfight to teamfight, C9E came out more and more ahead but never could really get any objectives of it. In the 35th minute, a big teamfight broke out in the midlane. Prime got split up and C9E ripped through them one by one and finished the game right after.

Because n!faculty lost to CCC in the last game of the day there was a three way tie. CCC, n!faculty and SK Prime played against each other once again. SKP lost against CCC and they won against n!faculty what let Counter Counter Clockwise advance to the quarter finals today alongside Cloud 9 Eclipse.



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