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SK Gaming vs ROCCAT: Playoffs

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Apr 16, 2014 14:44

ImageIt is time for the semifinals and the first game of our very own SK! See below what are we to expect from this match.

Today marks the start of SK Gaming's playoff adventure. After finishing the regular season in first place, the lads now have secured a spot in the next edition of the league and at least a top four finish. With that in mind, we now face a threat like no other.

The monsters from PL Team ROCCAT did raise eyebrows during the regular season with their excellent teamplay and merciless execution of strategy. However, yesterday they made history. The Poles became the first team to deny RU Gambit Gaming a top four finish with their original line-up and thus eliminating them from the EU LCS. Furthermore, the Russians are now in danger of potentially losing their LCS spot.

The Poles are the ultimate test for our boys.

Below we will see each match-up and try to bring out the best in today's clash. Hopefully, both squads have renewed their strength and will bring on their A-game.

Top lane: UK Fredy122 versus PL Xaxus

The first clash we will see is the top lane duel between Fredy122 and Xaxus. Between sOAZ's dominance, Wickd's return and Darien's shenanigans, the aforementioned pair received less attention than they deserved. Despite this, their performance has been excellent as both have been the pillars of their respective teams. Demonstrating a mastery of both tank or anti-tank champions (Mundo, Trundle) the pair is comfortable on either picks. With the shift in meta, however, they have showcased excellent play in more offensive champions such as Aatrox and Jax.

Despite not having the deep champion pool Xaxus has, Fredy122 is a more dominant and less jungle-reliant laner as seen time and time again during the regular season.

Jungle: DK Svenskeren versus PL Jankos

The key battle of this match will be fought in the jungle. Despite not having PL Overpow's KDA, PL Jankos has been instrumental in ROCCAT's victories throughout their debut. The Lee Sin maestro always seems to be in the right place at the right time and showcases an ability to punish mistakes like non-other. He was the main dynamo behind their impressive RU Gambit win and with his Elise pick absolutely destroyed the Russian opposition.

Sven will be key in the match today.

On the other hand we have Svenskeren who has had the season of his life. Since the start of the split, Sven has shown us great ability in almost every meta jungler out there - Lee Sin, Pantheon, Elise and Evelynn among others. Having a stable performance throughout the season, he has no intention of stopping now. The key here will be to either counter-act the direct enemy - Jankos or not give ROCCAT a chance to breathe with non-stop aggression.

Mid lane: DK Jesiz versus PL Overpow

The clash on mid also holds great significance. On the Polish side we have one of the most aggressive and merciless players in Europe. Overpow is not only deadly, but also unpredictable. Backed by an excellent jungler and a team that is ready to help in the blink of an eye, the Pole has already made a name for himself in Europe. Annihilating Gambit yesterday was only another sign of this player's strength, something our lads should take into account.

On the SK side we have the most improved player in the split. Now, Jessie is a confident mid laner who can deliver regardless of pressure or situation. We saw that clearly during his magnificent Ziggs play during the Super Week match against EU Fnatic. Backs against the wall at one point, SK set up opportunity after opportunity which the Dane turned into a scary lead and consequently, landed the Fnatics a sound defeat.

Bot lane: DE CandyPanda & nRated versus PL Celaver & Vander

The battle of the bot lanes is definitely the most interesting aspect of this match. Both duos are have demonstrated different aspects of excellence and mastery of certain champions. For the Poles, Vander has established himself as the undisputed king of Thresh for this split. His hooks and ability to create opportunities has left casters and spectators in awe not once or twice. Paired with an experienced AD Carry in Celvaer, the duo will be looking to shut down the German efficiency.

Speaking of the devil, CandyPanda and nRated have been largely neglected despite being one of the most successful bot lanes this split. Our AD Carry has shown multiple picks - Lucian, Twitch, Jinx and Vayne among others. Taking into account the innovative picks (Galio, Kayle) from his Support, our bot lane can not only take pride in its successful endeavor, but also its flexibility. As for nRated, he has undoubtedly proved himself as an invaluable addition to the team.

The first semi-final begins today at 16:00 CEST with the clash between EU Alliance and EU Fnatic. Right after, we face the Polish powerhouse at 18:00 CEST. Tune into and cheer for SK Gaming!



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