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Gfinity EU Pro League: Week 1

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Apr 18, 2014 20:00

ImageTwo days ago, the first round of the European Gfinity Pro League was held in which SK Gaming was facing their British rivals from Erupt Gaming (former TEC.Intensity).

Just one week before the grand Call of Duty $1.000.000 World Championship 2014 was starting, we announced that DE SK Gaming will be taking part in Gfinity's upcoming European Pro League. The first time DE SK Gaming was taking part in this competition, they reached the second place, right behind the British guys from GB Aware Gaming, and made a total cash profit of 600£.

With the chance to win a ticket to the official MLG Call of Duty $70.000 Championship in US Anaheim, this time there is much more at stake.

As we mentioned in the preamble, the DE SK Gaming Call of Duty team was facing one of their five British opponents, GB Erupt Gaming (former GB TEC.Intensity), in this emergent competition. The first time the two teams faced each other, they both played in the quarter-finals of the Call of Duty Regional Finals in the centre of London. At that time the British were playing against a non-rehearsed DE SK Gaming team and managed to move on to the semi-finals. This time SK wanted to show them their true strength and get the first win in the Gfinity European Pro League.

DE SK Gaming vs. GB Erupt Gaming

At 9:30 PM CEST the match was going on its way. With Domination on Freight as the first map in this "Best of 5" encounter, DE SK Gaming was 10 points in arrears as the match went into half time. Unfortunately, they could not make the decisive moves and thus missed the chance to take the lead in the second half. With a 1-0 residue it went into the second map on Octane played in the game type called Search and Destroy (can be compared to a normal CS match - 1 live, 6 rounds to win). SK needed the victory in this round, not to lose the connection and to bring GB Erupt Gaming an early match point. In the end they were able to avoid this scenario with a commanding final score of 6-1 in this SnD round.

With a 1-1 tie, it finally went in the third round which was played on the map Freight in game mode Blitz. Here, in each case a player must penetrate into the opponent's point and thus earn a point for his team. After the two teams were tied at 18-18 for two times, it is the 21-21 that brought the fourth round of Blitz with it. After 40 minutes of Blitz gameplay it was GB Erupt Gaming who won this fourth decisive round and took the lead in this series. With a match point for GB Erupt Gaming it went into the fourth of five possible rounds. Unfortunately, Domination on Octane was the last round of this encounter and DE SK Gaming lost their first match in the Gfinity European Pro League with 3-1 against GB Erupt Gaming.

In next week's fixture DE SK Gaming will be playing against the Brits from TeamYouTube, who just signed Call of Duty veteran player GB Shane 'ShAnE' McKerral (former captain of the CoD Champs 2014 team EU Lightning Pandas) as their new fourth player.

Here are the remaining results of "Week 1" in the Gfinity's European Pro League:

FR Vitality.Rises 1 - 3 GB TeamYouTube.LP
GB Epsilon eSports 3 - 0 FR Vitality.Returns
DE SK Gaming 1 - 3 GB Erupt Gaming
GB TCM Gaming 3 - 2 GB Infused Gaming

VOD of the match against GB Erupt Gaming can be found here and all the upcoming fixtures can be found on this homepage.

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