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Nosgoth: The Basics

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Apr 7, 2014 18:22

ImageHere at SK we are back with our second piece on Nosgoth. This time we cover your first steps into the game and onto the battlefield.

In our introductory text we talked about what Nosgoth is, who are the people behind it and what this very interesting project is aiming for. In case you missed it, do not despair, a simple click here can lead you right to it. Now that we got that out of the way, what are we to expect now?

Below we will dive right into the game and familiarize ourselves with the main menu and all its functions. Step by step, we will then arrive at our most desired destination – the battlefield! Let us begin.

Part one: Installation process

Once you have obtained a beta key, the installation process is fairly simple and straightforward. If you do not know where you can apply for a beta key, just follow this link which will take you directly to the game website! Hopefully, you will one of the many lucky receivers. But let us get back on track. The game uses Steam as a distribution platform which for people with experience should prove to be a very convenient move.

For those that have not used Steam, do not worry – the game and Steam are both set up and installed in the click of a button so no Herculean effort on your part is required. As the project is still in closed beta, you will be required to link your Steam e-mail account (be sure to remember that) to the game so your Nosgoth and Steam account can synchronize, yielding excellent in-game experience. Once the installation is over, simply click the Play button and dive right into the world of Nosgoth!

Part two: The Main Menu

The main menu greets us with the drums of war. Conveniently the first thing you see is the latest news surrounding the game. The developers do not want to leave anyone in the dark, especially new players and it is well worth spending the first 2 minutes just skimming through their message, just in case something is unclear. A couple of links here and there can take you to valuable sources of information about the project and upcoming additions among other things. In addition, the game has integrated the Steam friend system so you do not have to open Steam every time you want to message a friend or invite him to play with you.

The main menu.

On the top left, four buttons conveniently named “News”, “Profile”, “Armory “ and “Inventory” are located. While the first two are self-explanatory, we will take a look at the latter two. By clicking on “Armory” the game takes you to a section where you can explore the playable classes in the game. Here you can expand your knowledge and familiarize yourself with both your potential allies and enemies on the battlefield. It is important to note that as the game progresses you only level up the class you play. In other words, if you only choose “Scout”, then that is the only class that you will expand upon. The same, of course, goes for the Vampires. In the same section you can review different unlockable skins, detailed explanation of a certain class’ skills, including a numerical breakdown and an overview of the selected class.

The Armory screen.

The “Inventory” button takes you to a selection where all the items, classes and modes are listed. It is a rather detailed listing, but as you progress into the game, a good classification of all the things you “own” is definitely a big plus.

Now, we take a look at the two buttons that are at the top right, namely “Store” and “Play”. As I do believe we have more important things to discuss, we will leave the “Store” for another piece! Game time!

Part three: Entering Nosgoth

By taking the Play button, you are immediately given the choice of three game modes – New Recruit, Team Deathmatch and Siege. The last, however, is locked to players below level 10. Given that we start from scratch it is better to start with New Recruit. Afterwards we are taken to a lobby and once the game fills up with 7 more enthusiasts, the fight begins!

Once on the battlefield, you will randomly be assigned, along with three teammates, to a faction – Humans or Vampires. The choice ahead of you is which exact class to pick. Immediately after, the battle begins and you, together with the help of your companions must seek and eliminate your opponents on the map. Each kill and assist guarantees not only points, but also XP which helps you level up your selected class.

Onto the field of battle.

The time limit for the battle is 10 minutes and the kill limit is 30 per faction. Should one team hit the kill cap, they guarantee themselves a victory in stage one. Alternatively, the team with most eliminations after the time is up wins. In stage two, the members simply switch Factions as the Humans become Vampires and vice-versa. Again, the same rules come into play.

Complements should definitely go to the level designers who have done their best to give us a detailed and complex enough terrain which can work in favour of both Factions’ member classes. The world around you is truly a battlefield and the ruins of houses, bodies scattered around the map and smoke are constantly there to remind you that this is a conflict of survival – life or death.

The "death recap" screen.

When it comes down to fighting, the interface is very clean. By scoring elimination, you gain XP which can be seen by a pop-up text on your screen that conveniently disappears seconds later. Assists yield the same reward. Should you die to an opponent, however, a recap screen comes quickly detailing a summary of what happened – damage done by each opponent, which abilities were used, who killed you and your respawn time. It had a clear and very intuitive layout and I personally had no problem in quickly learning my dos and don’ts while fighting.

Once both stages are over and a clear victor has been established you will be taken to a summary screen detailing the performance of all the players, including some neat stats so you can keep track of how well you have done.

Rinse and repeat and we will soon find ourselves at Level 10! Join us next time where we will go not only more in-depth about “New Recruit” and “Team Deathmatch”, but also the unlockable at level 10 Siege modes. Our adventure in the realm of Nosgoth continues! Do not forget, you can apply for a beta key here and hopefully, join the struggle between the two factions.



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