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SK in the EU LCS: Week 10

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Apr 1, 2014 11:41

ImageA new week, a new couple of games to be played. With SK.LoL being on a hot streak lately, we were aiming for nothing less than the 1st place of the EU LCS this week.

The first enemy to beat was SK's kryptonite Gambit Gaming. At a first glance, it seemed like SK has done their homework. They confidently picked a teamcomp, that looks amazing on paper. Rare champions such as Fiddlesticks (jungle) or the new Vel'koz (as support) were picked, in order to create a strong mid game ultimate-based team. However, as in most cases, reality does not work out as “on paper”. Gambit once again showed why they were considered the counter to SK Gaming and outplayed them heavily on bot, mid lane and jungle.

After losing against the coordinated Russians, the dream of 1st place faded away as quick as it came. This was just until day 2 of the week started and an announcement got released by everyone's surprise. Apparently, an ability of Aatrox was not working correctly. While the game got paused and the bug was shown, the teams eventually just kept playing. To the surprise of both teams, Riot released a statement about the bug and officially scheduled a rematch.

"[...]Upon discovering the bug, the disadvantaged team correctly paused and identified the problem, which was easily visible and verifiable upon replay. At this point, the referee should have prompted the disadvantaged team to decide whether they wanted a full game remake or not, but did not. To be clear, this choice will only be offered in the case of a visible and verifiable bug that occurred immediately before the pause; teams will not be allowed to demand a remake significantly after the point where the bug could be determined to be known by the players. This instance met that qualification, and would have resulted in a game remake, had the team known of their ability to request such an event or had the referee asked them directly.[...]"

Read the full statement here.

While the community showed mixed reactions, most of them were rather negative. This led to nRated giving a brief interview on onGamers in which he explains the situation from SK's side.

SK versus Alliance: Two favorites meet

Some hours in, the drama slowly faded away and SK once again had to face EU Alliance. Even though both teams had been playing very well lately, the loss against Gambit put SK behind Alliance.

Unlike the day before, SK went back to conventional champions. Surely, a lot of people felt a relief when DE nRated picked Morgana, a 'standard' support. But who knows, maybe we will see more Vel'koz in the future.

Just as expected, the action packed fighting started early on. A clutch play by DE Nyph ended in a first blood for NL Shook. While it was pretty warm that day, Shook probably had to tremble in his very own snowball. As the game went on Alliance, especially Evelynn, set the pace of the game. Although SK showed discipline and good effort to set up a comeback, Alliance simply got the better of them. Especially DK Froggen on Zed, who had a fantastic game and successfully forced play after play.

The deathblow was dealt at minute 32: Alliance secured a dragon, which they got right when SK arrived. Due to a steal try, DK Svenskeren was trapped in the dragon pit and his team had to follow up. The fight ended in a disastrous 4-0 in favor of ALL, followed up by a baron. From this point on, the rest seemed like a walk in the park. Well played Alliance.

SK versus Gambit: The debated rematch

With both teams losing the matches earlier on day 2, both were just one win away from a 1st place tie with Alliance and Fnatic. This important fact made the remacht-decision even more painful for the Russian fan favorite.

SK did not seem to toy around this time, as they picked mainly champions they played well on in this season. Similar to SK's earlier game, this game started action packed and even though Gambit had the upper hand in terms of the kill counter, SK seemed to always have an answer after a kill. Down in kills, but up in gold, the game was pretty even skill wise.

This changed when SK pressured Gambit frequently and suddenly the Russians acted like Ivan Drago from the Rocky movie: After a very strong performance and an answer to everything, they started to commit several errors and eventually the game slipped into SK's hands. Needles to say, they thankfully finished it.

Obviously, Gambit's players were upset and Riot's Nick Allen posted a follow up article about the situation.

The EU LCS standings:
1. EU Alliance 14 W / 10 L
1. EU SK Gaming 14 W / 10 L
1. EU Fnatic 14 W / 10 L
2. RU Gambit Gaming 13 W / 11 L
2. PL Roccat 13 W / 11 L
3. EU Copenhagen Wolves 11 W / 13 L
4. EU Supa How Crew 10 W / 14 L
5. EU Millenium 7 W / 17 L

This weeks' last match ups will decide the final standings of the spring split. Will SK be able to maintain 1st place? Make sure to tune in!



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