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10 tips for your visit to the EU LCS studios

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Mar 31, 2014 18:21

ImageHey, my name is Philipp and I attended the EU LCS during the past couple of weeks and summed up some quick tips for your coming to the MMC Studios in Cologne! If you have any additions to this list simply leave those in the comment section!

1. If you come by car and the event starts late (after 4pm) you don’t have to park at the MMC Studio parking space which costs 5€. You can leave your car at the street (Von-Hünefeld Straße) in front of the studios for free!

2. The last train to the main station departs at 00:37 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning from Cologne Longerich S-Bahn. It’s a 30 minute walk so you might get a Taxi if the games take too long.

3. There is no bank or ATM nearby so make sure you have enough money with you for food and drinks.

4. You only need your name to get into the studio. Riot has all names on a list and simply checks if yours is in there.

5. At the café in front of the LCS studio you can buy candy, Red Bull, Burgers, small baguettes and more small things cheaply.


6. You can’t take food or drinks into the studio itself.

7. When you want to visit the toilet you need to go through the whole hallway to the lobby.

8. There is no merchandise stand just yet but it will be soon(TM).


9. Leave your jackets and bags at the wardrobe BEFORE you queue for your ticket. You’ll save a lot of time, trust me.

10. Bring posters with you and cheer as loud as you can to support your team. Everyone there likes a loud and enthusiastic crowd. Just go for it! (Don’t cheer for ward-kills tho!)



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