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MYM keep hold of the NGL-One title

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Feb 24, 2008 14:04

ImageMYM defeated SK Gaming 4-3 in the Grand Final of the NGL-One.

MYM are kings once again of the NGL-One after Susiria got them off to a flying start defeating Soju and then Reign, both on Twisted Meadows. Susiria's game against Reign was particularly impressive and Reign struggled to keep up with Susiria's Lich who was popping Dark Rituals like he was a junky.

Lyn then came to the rescue as a light of hope as he disposed of Susiria who's choice of Human on Lost Temple backfired. Lyn then played MYM.Moon on Terenas Stand playing an excellent game to counter mass talon, with Moon going for Warden, Beastmaster and tinker combination.

FoCus then defeated Lyn on Lost Temple thanks to superior hero levels but then lost to a well played game by ReMinD who withheld his tier 2 powerpush exceptionally well.

This brought the match to the last map Turtle Rock where ReMinD played Lucifer and was cornered after Lucifer's great early game harassment with ghouls and Death Knight. The match climaxed in a huge aerial battle but ReMiND came out the loser as the gargs and their stone form got the better of the Panda.


MYM proved themselves a worthy adversary and the games were played in a good atmosphere, here are the final standings and the respective prize money.

#1 MYM - $10,000
#2 SK - $4,000
#3 mouz - $2,000
#4 mTw

Replays and matchups are available on the SK Gaming versus MYM Coverage item

Make sure to stay tuned for the MYM versus SK Gaming WC3L match later this afternoon.



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