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Arena Terminology

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Feb 18, 2008 04:43

Image2345, Zerg, LoS, Fotm, CC.. the abbreviations for arena PvP are endless, check inside to see what they stand for!

The coach of Pandemic also known as vhell has been kind enough to make a small article which can be used as a reference guide for people who are getting into the competitive scene.

Here are a few of those most commonly used here on SK Gaming:

A 5v5 Setup using Arms Warrior, Holy or Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, Elemental Shaman, and a Mage.

The origin of this term stems from Noktyn and Sck during the online regional stage against The Fighting Mongooses. They were spamming 23452345235425 in party chat and irc, since the setup's strength is to activate Heroism/Bloodlust and press as many offensive buttons as you can.

Pandemic was running 2345 last night.

A 5v5 setup using Arms Warrior, Holy or Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, Elemental Shaman, and a Felguard Warlock. This is a play on '2345', using the more powerful Warlock in the place of the Mage.

Cutebabyelephants was one of the first good 2346 groups.

Short for Crowd Control – Abilities that control the enemy target – immobilizing Warriors, sheeping Priests.
General MMO PvP term.


All meaning the new 5v5 setup Rogue/Mage/Priest/Warlock/Druid.
European Arena Term.

SK Gaming just started running the eurocomp, and will be running it in the BG9 tourney.

Acronym for 'Feature of the Month' or 'Flavour of the Month'. Abilities or setups that are popular due to them having been adjusted by game developers for the better.
General gaming term.

The fotm 5v5 setup is currently Disc Priest, Felguard Warlock, Ice Mage, Resto Druid and a Rogue.

Line of Sight. Almost every spell/ability in World of Warcraft requires your target to be in line of sight (no obstructions) during the casting of the spell/ability.
Various games dating back to pen and paper RPG's.

I'm using the pillar to LoS the burns.

An arena tactic where a team plays very defensively.
The origin in WoW stems from Warsong Gulch match where a team puts most of it's player on defense.

The secret to destroying a turtle combo is to flip it over on its back, exposing it's soft belly. -Saris

The full list of terms can be found here.



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