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Week 10 preview: SK aiming for 1st

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Mar 27, 2014 15:30

ImageIn the 10th week of LCS, SK will challenge the first placed Gambit and the third placed Alliance to jockey for a good position for Superweek.

SK Gaming vs. Gambit Gaming

Gambit is the only team besides Millenium which SK has a bad record against. The Russians who had a consistent season so far are aiming for the first or second spot to get the bye round in the playoffs and avoid a possible disaster in the quarter finals.

Featured Matchup

Svenskeren vs. Diamond

Both junglers pulled multiple bans in the last weeks due to their exceptional skill on champions like Pantheon and Lee Sin. We saw in the matches before that if you give Diamond the space and kills he needs he will be able to carry from the jungler's position. On the other hand, you have Svenskeren whose botlane ganks were on point and got CandyPanda rolling. The game will be dependent on either Svenskeren feeding his botlane or Diamond getting Darien rolling to release his inner split push monster.

My prediction

Last time we faced Gambit, it was a disaster where Fredy and Svenskeren unfortunately, got Diamond rolling and let him carry his team members on his shoulders. With the multiple revives on top of all of this we weren't able to come back.

Last week Gambit lost against Alliance and finished 1-1 with a win versus the last placed Millenium. My problem with them is: If they win, they win clearly, but if they lose, for example, in the match versus Alliance they just get stomped. The victory versus Millenium was expected and Alliance simply proved that they are getting better from week to week. After all this, I think that SK will come out ahead. The team knows what they've done wrong in the last match against Gambit and I think they are well prepared to defend the second spot against the likes of Roccat, Alliance and Fnatic.

Advantage SK Gaming

SK Gaming vs. Alliance

Both, SK and Alliance struggled in the early stages of the season and stepped up from week to week dramatically. Both pretty much swapped their whole roster and as many experts predicted, both needed time to get on the level of top teams like Gambit and Fnatic.

Featured Matchup

Jesiz vs. Froggen

Alliance' midlaner Froggen earned his second consecutive MVP and is in a dominant form. With KDA's of 7.43 and 5.57 on LeBlanc and Gragas over four games each he showed that he can carry games from the midlane, especially with the assassin type of midlaners.

On the other side of the rift, there is Jesiz who improved his performance since week 4 where they solved the mentality issues. Whenever he is on his comfort picks such as Nidalee (7.6 KDA) and Ziggs (5.13 KDA) where he can just farm up and have a great impact in the mid to late game, he performs well.

My prediction

With a 2-0 in the last week against Gambit and SHC, Alliance came out big and are aiming for the bye round in the playoffs and even though both teams are on the rise I think that Alliance has a slight edge when you compare the face to face matchups. The pick&ban phase will be very important when it comes to getting desired picks such as Pantheon or Renekton for SK and LeBlanc or Thresh for Froggen and his Alliance.

Advantage Alliance

Week 11 is a Superweek where SK will play against Fnatic, SHC and Millenium to secure the top 2 finish to complete this awesome split where we climbed the ladder from week to week.



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