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QuiCky and RocKz talking about their predictions

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Mar 25, 2014 23:18

ImageThree days before the Call of Duty $1.000.000 World Championship kicks off QuiCky and RocKz share some of their predictions for the upcoming tournament.

With SK Gaming facing US FaZe, AU Trident T1 Dotters and MX Aztek Gaming, our Call of Duty players are in strong preparation. Many scene pages and information platforms, such as ESPLive, see DE SK Gaming in second place in the group stage.

Nevertheless, QuiCky and RocKz have taken a few minutes to tell us a little about their very own expectations and predictions for the upcoming Call of Duty $1.000.000 World Championship.

CH Michael 'QuiCky' Bühler:

"I think that the American teams are going to be on top again and win this tournament. Biggest problem in Europe is that we can not gamble professional CoD playing, unlike the Americans. Still, I think that GB TCM Gaming and GB Epsilon eSports can finish within the top 8 teams, and thus win a share of this huge prize pool. In my opinion we will see US Complexity vs. USsB Gaming in the grand final fighting for this $400.000 bundle. US Complexity has a lot of practice and experience in the game and contain four of the best players in the world. All in all, I can say that US Complexity will win this year's Call of Duty $1.000.000 World Championship once again."

DE Lukas 'RocKzz' Stach:

"Overall I think that the American teams in the CoD Championships tournament once again will have what it takes to be in the first 8 places. In my opinion there are 3 potential European teams that can compete within the reach of the prize money. On the one hand, there are these two British Call of Duty teams, GB TCM Gaming and GB Epsilon eSports, that have a good chance to come out really strong. On the other hand, I see us, DE SK Gaming Call of Duty, on the way to the upper placements. We have really improved since the European Championships earlier this month and practiced so many new tactics. All of these things make me really looking forward to the upcoming tournament. My hot top three candidates for this event currently are US Complexity, US EnVyus and US team Kaliber. For us, it has to be compulsory to finish the group stage in second place. Of course it would be better to place in the first place, in front of US FaZe, so that we can have an easier start in the winner bracket. As a whole, I am really confident and convinced that it will be a great event for us. I'm pretty excited when our journey finally starts this week."



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