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Bisu joins SKT under Oov coaching

By Raivo 'stormm' Streistermanis
Feb 10, 2008 15:30

ImageThe Korean pro-gaming team SK Telecom T1, announced the addition of Bisu - The worlds best protoss

SK Telecom T1 (Team First) is well known for being one of the most successful teams in the history of Starcraft. Having a legendary line-up, with such players as Lim Yo „BoxeR” Hwan the Emperor, Choi Yun "iloveoov" Sung the Cheater Terran, Park "Kingdom" Yong Wook The Devil and Kim "RainBOw" Sung Jae, they managed to win three ProLeague finals and one ProLeague Grand Final.

But despite having such previous awards, during the past years things have went downhill for SKT. After failing to achieve good results in both team and individual leagues and with oldschoolers like GoRush or Oov not being able to keep up with the new generation pro-gamers, the managers behind SKT decided to reorganise the team.

And so to give the team a fresh beginning, they fired the whole coaching staff and promoted two of their players to be the new coaches. These two players are Choi "iloveoov" Yun Sung who won the WCG 2006 in Italy and Park "Kingdom" Yong Wook. Both of them agreed to take this position after their recent injuries, a cut wrist and a shoulder surgery, threatened their gaming careers.

To fill these missing spots and to improve the teams result, SK Telecom T1 bought Kim Taek Young, better known as Bisu, from MBC Hero. Kim is considered to be the best protoss in the world and currently is on top of the KeSPA ranking in Korea. The price of the deal still remains undisclosed, but a rumour says that Bisu will earn $200 000 a year.

Source: TeamLiquid.



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