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bds: "no one is going to beat my bots"

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Mar 21, 2014 17:52

ImageSK Gaming legend and former co-director, Andreas "bds" Thorstensson, discusses his new ventures in an interview with SK.

After a recent visit to the SK office in DE Cologne, Germany, we sat down with one of the most important and influential people in the history of the team. Andreas used to be a part of the crew that turned into a global eSport news hub and maintained that status throughout his stay. Nowadays he has returned to coding and has become an entrepreneur, bringing to life one idea after another.

In the interview, Andreas discusses his past and history with SK Gaming, the innovation and contribution of the team to the global eSports scene and also the present state of the eSports industry. Also, the Swede touches upon a very interesting topic, intelligent A.I. opponents in League of Legends, a project in which he is currently involved. Want to learn more about it? Just click on the picture and hear out what Andreas has to say!




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