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SK in the EU LCS: Week 7

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Mar 5, 2014 16:49

ImageWeek 7 passed us by just as swiftly as it came. Find out how it went for our team!

If we had to describe Week 7 in just a couple of words, then "full of upsets" would definitely fit. A crucial stage in the competition thus far, derby matches were being played left and right as every victory yielded precious points for the victorious team.

Fortunately, all went according to plan for our boys as neither competitors had what it took to beat them. Facing an ever strongly performing EU Supa Hot Crew, we had a very tricky task on our hands. Both teams are relatively close in the standings, so the squad had to be extra careful once DK MrRallez and his teammates entered the Summoner's Rift.

SK vs Supa Hot Crew: Another day, another victory

This game started with an interesting pick right from the get-go. Swedish pride SE Mimer decided to take Zac top lane against the monster that is UK fredy122's Renekton. In addition, UK Impaler made way for Nocturne's return to the European professional circuit. With those two interesting picks, we were bound for an exciting, back-and-forth action.

Unfortunately, out lads had a different view on things. Two straight kills for Renekton on top ensured the inability of SE Mimer to ever make an impact on the game while the rest of the team denied UK Impaler's valiant efforts to produce effective ganks. Like hitting a brick wall, the Crew seemed puzzled and caught-up by how well SK counter acted throughout the duration of the laning phase.

Once mid game hit, DK Jesiz shifted into a higher gear by landing spear after spear, nullifying the Supa Hot Crew efforts to protect their towers, gain gold by farming or setting up traps by roaming. Having to respond to every move SK made, the opposition was hoping for a miracle that unfortunately, was not coming. A couple of more sieges around the base, SK ended the game with a very convincing 15-4, highlighted by UK Fredy122's 4-0-4 Renekton. One last thing to note is that the Brit left no chances for his Swedish counter-part, humiliating him as he finished with 0-5-0.

SK versus Alliance: Take two

Witnessing the rather silly loss against EU Alliance last week, left bitter taste in the mouths of SK fans. The players were disappointed and very dissatisfied with the direction the game went so they decided to remedy the situation in the best possible way - hard work. What followed once those two met again could be described as an absolute stomp, as SK Gaming demolished Alliance with a incredible 17-1 scoreline in a 42 minute game.

As we already witnessed Irelia last week, picking her this time did not raise eye-brows. However, DE nRated and DE CandyPanda had different some interesting ideas as we saw Kayle being played in the support role, covering the back of Lucian. With Jesiz back on his Nidalee, things went in the way of SK in almost every situation. Always on point and undoubtedly deserving of an MVP award in this game was DK Svenskeren who applied pressure all over the map and was at all the right places in the right time to either save a teammate or score a multikill.

It is definitely a rare occurrence to see players like DK Froggen, NL Tabzz or DK Wickd leave the Summoner's Rift without a single kill, but just in case you missed it, here is a screenshot. Successfully avenging their loss last week, SK are now looking stronger than ever going into the super week. As for Alliance, their struggle with coordination and teamplay continues.

With those two convincing victories, SK Gaming is now tied for second place with the Russian overlord of RU Gambit Gaming as both squads hold a 10-7 score. Fortunately for the viewers, Super Week 8 will provide us with enough action and leader board reshuffles with SK Gaming [hopefully] being on top.

Meanwhile, you can check out the awesome interview with our star AD Carry DE CandyPanda over here. Adrian has a chat with SK's Editor in Chief BG Curlychan on the topics of All-Stars, comparison between CN Uzi and KR Piglet and a number of other interesting topics.



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