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CoD EC: Pros talking about their predictions

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Feb 26, 2014 19:06

ImageWe have talked to some Call of Duty professionals and asked them about their predictions for this weeks Regional Final and the following $15,000 European Championship.

Before we are kicking off with the players' predictions we got some new information on this weeks Regional Final right on the way for you all: As the organizers have already confirmed, there will be a total prize money of $15,000 for the winners of the European Championship. So it is not hard to guess that all participating teams train even harder now.

In preparation for the upcoming Regional Final in London, we asked some of the best Call of Duty players in Europe about their predictions or respectively their favourite teams in the tournament. Featuring TCM Gaming's UK Marky 'MarkyB' Bryceland, Giants' ES Toni 'TojoR' Jorda, Team Orbit Pro's SE 'NikzeN' and some more voices, we have captured the thoughts of players who are participating in the Regional Final themselves.

ES Toni 'Giants TojoR' - ES Giants Gaming

UK UK: Epsilon, TCM Gaming, Orbit, AWARE Gaming
FR FR: Vitality.Rises, Vitality Returns
DE GER: SK Gaming, Killerfish eSports

I am expecting the top 3-4 with full of UK teams as they are very strong (Epsilon-TCM-Orbit-AwG) at the moment. But I also think that the Germans and the Italian teams can cause a lot of upsets, specially SK.

Find TojoR @Twitter

UK Marky 'TCM MarkyB' Bryceland - UK TCM Gaming

I think the German Qualification is going to be a close one, SK are of course known as the best team in Germany but they've had to go through another roster change which could effect them. Nonetheless, I think they've got what it takes to defeat their German counterparts.

I think the French qualifier is certainly more exciting. I can see any two of the 4 teams qualifying with Vitality.Rises being the main contender.

The United Kingdom obviously has 4 teams qualifying, this is gonna be very interesting. I don't wanna predict my match, as that's just temping fate. Aware and TEC is the closest matchup. Both teams are insane and have the ability to beat eachother.
Epsilon should win, comfortably although it'll be a difficult match. I then expect Orbit to defeat TYT.
I'm not really sure of any of the teams from other countries, although I think you should look out for Lightning Panda's, a Rest of Europe team, comprised of Epsilon's ShAnE and NeCRoMe and two other players.

I'm gonna predict Epsilon to win.

Find MarkyB @Twitter

DE Steven 'KF AyKoN' Mahaffey - DE KILLERFISH eSports

UK UK: Epsilon, TCM Gaming, Orbit, Aware Gaming
FR FR: Vitality.Rises, Vitality Returns
DE GER: SK Gaming, KILLERFISH eSports ( hopefully )

I think either Epsilon or TCM Gaming will win the European Championship. Hopefully SK Gaming is getting a top 3 placement and probably Team Orbit (ex nSydia) will get in the top 4.

Find AyKoN @Twitter

SE 'Orbit NikzeN' - SE Team Orbit

UK UK: TCM, Epsilon, Orbit, Aware
FR FR: Vitality Rises, Millenium
DE GER: SK Gaming, NXG

The teams I have predicted are the teams that will have, out of my opinion, the highest win potential in London, based on their online performances.

Find NikzeN @Twitter

DE Lukas 'RocKzz' Stach - DE SK Gaming

UK UK: Epsilon, TCM, Aware Gaming and Orbit
FR FR: Vitality Rises and Millenium
DE GER: SK Gaming and Killerfish

My top 4 favourite teams for this EU Championships are Epsilon, TCM, Vitality Rises and hopefully SK Gaming CoD. Once again we are playing with Raiden as a fill-in because MacMilix isn´t able to attend. Hopefully we can show our real potential at the Championships this week.

Find RocKzz @Twitter

CH Marcel 'zeeRndm' Koller - EU The Lightning Pandas

UK UK : Orbit (ex- nSydia), TCM-Gaming, Epsilon, Aware Gaming.
FR FR: Vitality.Rises und Vitality Returns
DE GER: SK Gaming und Killerfish

What I've seen so far is that Epsilon and TCM seem to be the best teams in the UK at the moment. So in my opinon one of these two teams will probably take the $15,000 home. Orbit (ex - nSydia) could cause some upsets as they look really strong online but in the end everything can happen at an offline event. SK Gaming could have a shot for the top3 but it all depends on how good they can play with their pickup / replacement for MacMiLiX.

Find zeeRndm @Twitter



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