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SK in the EU LCS: Week 6

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Feb 23, 2014 23:24

ImageAn awesome Week 5 with two wins versus the long-time rival Fnatic and Gambit Gaming had set the stakes high for this week's matches against Alliance and ROCCAT.

SK went into this week with a 4-1 record in the last five games. Besides the outstanding performances of all SK players in the last week, DK Jesiz and DK Svenskeren improved the most.

Coming into this week, the majority expected SK to go 1-1. Alliance looked rehabilitated but still lacked stability and ROCCAT are the powerhouse of the EU LCS, leading the standings.

Alliance: Story of even and uneven weeks

In the pick & ban phase some pretty interesting bans came out of SK with Karthus and Varus. It looked like Alliance prepared something for this week but SK were informed about it and banned it right away. The second noticeable thing about the ban phase was, that first, SK banned Renekton and second, Alliance banned Trundle which put DK Wickd into a corner where he had chosen a champion he is not quite comfortable with. Sure he had his Malphite but he wasn't successful with him the last time. So he went for his Season 2 Irelia which worked quite good back in the days.

The early game was very slow. All laners wanted to farm up without putting too much pressure onto their opponent. Svenskeren was always trying to invade DK Shook’s camps to get a little edge on him when it came to 2v2 or 3v3 situations in the bottom lane. Also he hadn`t wasted any time waiting for a right position on any lane. If the enemy stood too far back, he left immediately and kept on farming his camps. SK`s midgame decision making was beautiful. With great ward coverage catching members of Alliance off guard is what led to objectives, towers and in the last consequence, to an inhibitor in the bottom lane. But then, the game turned 180°. Only one situation, where SK overstayed at the middle inner turret and Alliance got some kills, turned the game in their favor. After this, Alliance won team fight after team fight thanks to the great pick potential of DK Froggen's LeBlanc and good Cyclones by NL Shook which snowballed the gold lead back into Alliance's way. In the late game DE Candypanda had zero impact in team fights. He always got shut down right at the beginning what reflects in his score. Alliance simply didn't care about the heavily farmed Fredy in their face and just jumped strait to Jesiz and Panda. Both carry's, who did so well in the recent weeks just couldn`t fulfil their dedicated task what led to a loss in this match.

VOD: SK Gaming vs. Alliance

ROCCAT: Kryptonite found his effectiveness again

Second day of the week and the LCS powerhouse ROCCAT knocked at SK's door. With the loss versus Alliance, SK stood with their backs to the wall. They wanted to proof their form of the last weeks and wanted to go even this week at least.

Coming into champion select, some interesting bans were done. ROCCAT really didn't want to deal with CandyPanda's Vayne and like in the Alliance match one day before, both Trundle and Renekton were banned out. That led to two interesting picks of PL Xaxus and UK Fredy in form of Jax and Aatrox. Two champions we have seen rarely or not in this split.

The match was pretty even for the first few minutes. After some minutes in the game, Svenskeren's Grand Skyfall did great work picking up kills, especially in the botlane. With the combination of Jesiz' Mega Inferno Bomb, SK had great map pressure which lead to dragon control as well. SK created a nice gold lead over ROCCAT and as the Poles decided to go for a Baron in the 22' minute, SK sniffed it, pushed them out of the pit and took Nashor. Why am I describing this situation? Because SK, with the Baron buff, ran into ROCCAT's base, took one Inhibitor and forced ROCCAT to surrender at the 25' minute mark.

VOD: SK Gaming vs. ROCCAT

Conclusion of week 6:

Regardless of the 1-1 scoreline, the SK team should not take the results too hard. A mistake was made during the Alliance game, but it is nothing DE nRated and the gang cannot discuss and fix. The victory over the Poles is an immense confidence booster not only because our team was in the dominant position from start to finish, but because of the fact that it was a surrender vote. We're looking forward to next week as progress is being made with every match. Now we are in third place of the standings alongside Fnatic and SUPA HOT CREW (who we face in the next week too) and we can make a huge step in the table if we conclude the next two matches in a good way.

Standings after Week 6:

1. PL Team ROCCAT 10-4
2. RU Gambit Gaming 9-5
3. EU Fnatic 7-7
3. EU SK Gaming 7-7
4. EU Copenhagen Wolves 6-8
5. EU Alliance 5-9
5. EU Millenium 5-9

In week 7, SK Gaming will play against the SUPA HOT CREW and Alliance.



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