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Lyn beats Sweet to reach AWL final

By Ran 'FoReVeR_ManUtd' Liu
Jan 17, 2008 12:54

ImageJune 'Lyn' Park gives Chun Jung 'Sweet' Hee the coup de grâce in the AWL semi-finals and reaches the final.

Both Lyn and Sweet advanced to the Semi-Finals in style after defeating their opponents beautifully two days ago. Sweet disappointed lots of fans who were looking forward to watching a classic undead mirror match before his match against Lucifer by switching to orc. Ironically, he had to play the orc versus undead match-up again in the semi-finals against Lyn, however playing as undead this time.

Lyn proved how he earned a 86% win ratio against undead and left Sweet no chance at all during this match. Sweet could do nothing but keep making acolytes since the middle of the third game. After teleporting back to save his base fourth time, Sweet decided to unsummon his buildings and opened the fight in Lyn's base to avoid further humiliation. However, he typed gg shortly after Lyn teleported back without giving it a shot.

Lyn therefore goes to the AWL final and awaits his challenger in Yongsan, Korea on 27th of January. The other semi-final match between WinNers and FoCuS will take place at 11:00 CET on January 22nd. For more information, take a look at our AWL Season 2 Coverage.



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