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FpsBrain "improves gaming performance"

By Antti 'drinn' Paasivaara
Jan 16, 2008 16:25

ImageThis new medicine apparently improves your gaming performance - if there is any truth in what the German based producer Tomarni GmbH have to say.

The German based company Tomarni GmbH has launched a new medicine for professional gamers which apparently improves your performance while playing games.

Tomarni have said that the FpsBrain medicine enhances your reactions, increases your perception and stops your hands from shaking – and all this starts to take affect in around 60 minutes.

However the medicine includes heaps of various Vitamin ingredients, as well as L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, Betamin, Selenium, Caffeine, Biotin and many others. FpsBrain is produced in a "permanently controlled and climate-adjusted process", as said by Tomarni's website, and it is ISO 9001 certified.
"At first I found the whole idea rather suspect but I have changed my mind."

"At first I found the whole idea rather suspect but I have changed my mind. It was not so much the physical aspect but rather the concentration level that I was able to achieve," reviewed Steven G.

One pot of FpsBrain medicine has a price of 19,99€, and it contains 60 capsules. You will also get 110% Money-Back-Guarantee if you are not pleased with the product's effect.

Sounding similar to caffeine drinks such as RedBull, which just give the consumer a heightened sense of awareness and energy, sceptics will probably swerve away from any purchase of this medicine, deeming it to have similar or even identical affects to that of caffeine drinks - even if you are a professional gamer.

However more information can be found from the website.



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