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Top Warlock on SK100 Interviewed

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jan 13, 2008 12:49

ImageThe people listed at the SK100 player rankings seem to get more and more attention, interviews and rumored sponsorships are just a few ways. The Gameriot blogger Socioz has caught up with the #1 US and #2 World ranked warlock Hosebeast for an interview.

The interview brings up a lot of interesting points about the warlock class, it's balance and various pvp aspects.

Here's a snippet:

What are your thoughts on the state of the warlock class in general? Anything you'd like to see improved/changed? I know lots of people have stated that the class is still grossly overpowered, any opinion on that as well?

Hosebeast: The warlock class is based on pets. I would like to see some type of changes to pet survivability. The only overpowered part about warlocks is the mana issue with lifetap. It probably needs to be toned or looked at in some way, but as the brackets increase from 2s to 3s to 5s warlocks become more balanced overall. In a sense they have been working towards a greater mana balance with the water shield changes and the new mage gems, which seem like they don't run out of mana unless they are burned. The way warlock spells work meaning mana cost on fears, pet summons, reapplying soul link, and how dots can be dispelled make it difficult to change lifetap this late in the game because of how much mana warlocks use.

Any particular ideas for lifetap? Also, how do you feel about Serennia's idea of getting a +25% damage taken debuff when you tap? (lol)

Hosebeast: I don't really have any great suggestions. I also don't feel like Serennia's idea would solve anything. I think that is a bit excessive especially if you were to focus a warlock and if you used burns/drains on him that would make a warlock fairly useless. You have the option of sitting at zero mana or tapping and taking 25% more damage. Maybe if you have a healing debuff on you lifetap doesn't make you take more damage, but if you don't then it would apply. Something like that.

The full interview can be read here.
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