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Best Warrior in the World Speaks - Interview with Serennia

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jan 7, 2008 09:21

ImageThe "best warrior in the world" became his nickname after an outstanding performance in season 2, when he managed to stay first in all three ladders in the notorious bloodlust battlegroup. He has also been featured in several PvP movies, and was for a very long time the man to beat in Ming's 1on1 tournaments. SK Gaming brings you an exclusive interview with the legendary warrior Serennia.

The ”best warrior in the world” is called Serennia, but who is the guy playing this little gnome?
Contrary to popular belief, I'm not much different than your average player of my age. I'm 23 years old, go to school 4 days a week in Houston, Texas where I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree in multimedia. I've been playing WoW since closed alpha when there were only about 4 classes in the game, there was no such thing as Horde, and the level cap was 9. Previous MMORPG's that I have played include EverQuest, Shadowbane, Dark Age of Camelot, and Star Wars Galaxies. I personally feel that DAoC had the best PvP aspect; RvR (realm versus realm) in this case. For anyone that's ever played DAoC old frontiers (not the new frontiers garbage), they would probably tend to agree that it was amazingly fun. I've been playing WoW since launch and have done almost everything this game has to offer from slaying Onyxia when her phase2 fireballs conflagged you, to slaying Illidan Stormrage when Mother Sharahz wasn't a complete joke of a cockblock, to obtaining top ranks of every arena bracket simultaneously in BG9 Bloodlust. I feel that while the content has become somewhat stale lately with arena season 3 not being much of a change from season 2, the competition and friends are what keep people such as myself playing.

Speaking of gnomes, do you think it's the best race for a warrior?
"The "trick" to remove wound poison via Blood Fury -> BoP is also an interesting option that I've seen some teams utilize."
I feel that Escape Artist is a very powerful racial, but definitely not as imbalancing as some people make it out to be. For starters, the average player doesn't realize that talents which make spells have increased chance to resist dispel such as Vile Poisons for rogues, Contagion for warlocks, and Subtlety for druids, also increase the chance for Escape Artist to fail to remove the movement impairing effect (ie cripple poison, curse of exhaustion, and entangling roots). I believe it also has a small base chance to fail as I've had it not remove frost nova and hamstring before, although those are much more rare. As for which race I think makes the best warrior? Honestly, I would probably be Blood Elf if they could (damn Blizzard for allowing every race but them to be warrior), as an AoE silence on a warrior would be quite powerful in the right situations, especially when you're locking down a healer and you've already gone through your pummel -> intercept -> fear -> pummel rotation and have nothing left to stop a cast. But since they can't be warriors, I feel that gnomes are overall the best race for 2v2 and 3v3, while Orcs make a good candidate for the best 5v5 warrior race. Resisting stuns in 5v5 can be game breaking, especially those well timed mace stuns. The "trick" to remove wound poison via Blood Fury -> BoP is also an interesting option that I've seen some teams utilize.

Recently your account got hacked, which resulted in you having to change name... would you mind explaining a bit more exactly what happend?
In a nutshell, I got a keylogger on my computer somehow, which is odd considering I run Firefox with noscript on. I later found the keylogger with a nice little program my friend sent me called Security Task Manager, which scans all processes running on your computer, hidden and non-hidden. Turns out it was a hidden process named winskwow.dll in my Windows system folder which was running scripts as WoW launched. Anyways, my warrior was stripped and transferred to another server. Account Administration reversed the transfer 5 days later and put me back on Tichondrius but my name was taken by someone who thought it would be funny to steal it while this was going on. My character was also restored with only arena gear and money, most likely a save point right before it was transferred off. About a week after the transfer reversal, the rest of my items were restored perfectly, and Blizzard even compensated me with a large amount of gold to make up for any losses incurred in the process. The naming issue is now being looked into since they couldn't look into it until the original compromise investigation was done. Hopefully I'll get it back. Until then, I've used the temporary name of Tiazi, which was the only thing I could come up with (just about everything is taken on Tichondrius, I kid you not). The name was a friend of mine from my DAoC guild. Hi Julia, I miss you.

What kind of setups are you playing nowdays in 2/3/5s?
- 2v2: Druid/warrior with Wojo. Running anything else with a warrior in the current state of the game just puts you at a disadvantage. I won't say that I was the first to run this comp, but I ran it at the beginning of season two before it became flavor of the month, and while I had my doubts with it at first, it's obviously turned out to be one of the most popular and dominant comps out there. However, I feel there are a handful of counters to druid/warrior if played by good people. I just wish Blizzard would do something about the abysmal 2v2 queue times, at least on BG9, as it makes the bracket extremely unrewarding to play when you have to wait 10 minutes just to play 2 minutes of an actual match only to get 4 points out of it.

- 3v3: Druid/rogue/warrior with Wojo/Secretive (druids) and Xecks (rogue). We basically invented this comp and much of the popularity for it has stemmed from our success with it. Despite what some may think, the comp is not as "scrub friendly" as some people make it out to be. You can't just go into every game and have both melee train on a single cloth caster and hope to win, just like you can't expect the druid going into every game cycloning freely while your dps slaughterbags people.
"Wound doesn't stack with mortal strike and cripple poison hurts you more than it helps against certain teams with poison cleansing due to getting crip removed and then kiting since you can't hamstring when crip is on"
A lot can go wrong, anyone is liable to get gibbed with enough burst, especially the rogue. You also typically can't play against certain comps the same way. For example, playing against rogue/mage/priest entirely depends on how their priest plays and who their rogue goes on in order to determine our plan of action. Then you have to work out poisons (wound doesn't stack with mortal strike and cripple poison hurts you more than it helps against certain teams with poison cleansing due to getting crip removed and then kiting since you can't hamstring when crip is on), who's doing armor reduction (sunder/expose), who's interrupting each cast, who's blinding/fearing first, etc etc. This comp typically puts all of your eggs in one basket with the big CC's (blind and intimidating shout) on long cooldowns. If you nail it right, it can be devastating. If you miss, you could have just lost the game. I feel it's a strong comp that is very fun to play, and we've held top standing with it for several weeks this season, so I know it has potential. I also play druid/warlock/warrior with Xyi (warlock) on occasion although I feel the comp is not as strong as it used to be with how much they buffed rogues and priests in particular (and their synergy with mages). Xyi, however, is probably the best 3v3 warlock I have ever played with and definitely deserves mention.

- 5v5: Paladin/Priest/Elemental Shaman/Warlock/Warrior (2346). We've been running this comp since mid season 2 when I transferred to Tichondrius to replace the old 2345 (mage instead of warlock). It's easily the most consistent comp to play now for numerous and somewhat obvious reasons. It's kind of sad that mages have almost been entirely replaced by warlocks in 5v5 and almost any team that runs a mage now puts themself at a disadvantage against a team that runs a warlock instead. I also feel elemental shamans have gone a bit IDDQD with their ridiculous burst potential. They could use some tuning along with warlocks, among other things, for 5v5 to be more enjoyable and balanced, I feel.

Do you play them because they are fun, effective or just trying out some new stuff?
These pretty much go hand in hand, as most people will play with what works and what wins them arena matches. Although I'm sure druid/retadin might be "fun," I'm sure the druid would get more enjoyment from winning by playing with a more viable dps class. That said, our original experiment with druid/rogue/warrior was at the end of season 2 after rogue subtlety was buffed, and it has coicedentally turned out to be very successful.

What setups do you find most effective (rating wise) for warriors in all 3 ladders?
- 2v2: Druid/warrior: This has the least amount of counters and has the most room for error. It's very easy for this comp to "reset" a fight if something didn't work out right or if they missed a chance to win. With warriors not being cooldown dependant and the inherant nature of druids and their ability to drink easily, it's rather easy to step into.

- 3v3: Druid/warlock/warrior or Shaman(or priest)/Paladin/Warrior: Although I could say that our druid/rogue/warrior comp is the best, I would be lying if the team were not extremely familiar with the comp and their partners, as it takes a good deal of coordination to get highly rated with, especially against rogue/mage/priest teams. The first 2 comps are effective against the majority of other teams out there and even work at the top ratings if you're playing with good partners. Season 2 3v3 on BG9 was won by a shaman/paladin/warrior, for that matter.

- 5v5: Paladin/Priest/Ele shaman/Warlock/Warrior (2346). Very few weaknesses of this comp make it as popular as it is now. The only thing your team really doesn't have is a decurse and warrior CC (since you can't really fear warriors). What the comp makes up for with this is the damage and burst potential from the 3dps with shaman timers, half cast soul fires, and warrior damage. Throw in the fact that you have 2.5 healers to counter burst, and you have a solid comp and one of the most played of season 3 now.

.. and what setups do you find most fun to play as a warrior?
"Honestly, I almost wish they would balance (aka nerf) resto druids"
Honestly, I almost wish they would balance (aka nerf) resto druids so that they wouldn't be the ONLY option for warriors when it comes to being top ranked in 2v2 and 3v3. I find playing with a shaman fun as the synergy with windfury and warrior damage can be silly at times, but as it is now, druids are more effective and efficient at both healing and crowd control than any other healer. The tricky part is how Blizzard can balance (read: nerf) them without adversely affecting their PvE performance.

What do you think is best and worst with the arenas?
Best: BG9 competition, the intense fights, come-from-behind victories, evolving with your teammates and learning each other's playstyles, socializing with your opponents outside of arena, and winning a match even when out-comped is always the most satisfying.

Worst: Ruins of Lordaeron, trash talking, exploiting (wall jumping, spell reflect sitting, etc), queue times, Ruins of Lordaeron, warlocks, arena water, win-trading, and did I mention Ruins of Lordaeron? Worst map ever.

Name the one thing you would like to see implemented into arenas, and why.
I feel Blizzard should allow gear swapping once again, as well as letting you know your opponents before the gate opens, but putting a cap on resistance or negate the effectiveness of resistance gear against PvP targets (to something like 50% effectiveness). This way, players would actually be able to use the gear they earn in arena, rather than just rolling the dice on what gear to use and hoping it's optimal for the comp that you're playing against. I'm sure priests and druids would sometimes like to use more +healing/mp5 gear than their max resilience/stamina gear against warlock teams, for example. I'm against the idea that all arena players should be limited to one outfit (or close to that). Gear selection has always been a fun aspect of the game and can often make a difference (not taking into consideration resistance gear).

Are there any special class changes that you'd like to see to make PvP overall more balanced?
Mace specialization is the worst thing ever conceived. We're all used to it: [Mace Stun Effect]. I've constantly been on the giving and receiving end of it, so I know the power of it both ways. I can honestly say this talent for rogues and warriors is more riduclous than the original Unstoppable Force (and we all know OP that knockback weapon was). It seriously allows RNG (random number generator) to determine an arena match sometimes, and it needs to stop. Don't get me wrong, I don't fault warriors and rogues for using it, as using another spec, especially for smaller brackets, just puts yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage (just like rogues going anything but HARP until the nerf).
"I just feel that Mace Spec, along with all percent based randomized talents, need to be altered."
I just feel that Mace Spec, along with all %-based randomized talents, need to be altered. These include: Mace specialization, sword specialization, entrapment, frostbite, improved hamstring, nightfall, contagion, vile poisons, stoicism, silent resolve, improved stings, improved concussive shot, impact, blackout, lightning overload, etc etc. I feel Blizzard should tune these talents so that they do something else more consistent instead of relying on a %-based chance to occur. This would take much of the "randomness" out of arena and base it more on skill and coordination hopefully.

Warlocks... any opinion?
"Warlocks? Overpowered as hell."
Overpowered as hell. There are three (3) classes in the game that can do consistent damage without relying on mana: Warlocks, warriors, and rogues. Warriors have to deal with berserker stance and limited cc/escape options, rogues have to deal with dependancy on cooldowns, and warlocks have to deal with... global cooldowns between lifetap and drains? In all seriousness, warlocks are really the only mana-based class that doesn't rely on mana. It's been said before and I'll say it again, lifetap and drains need tuning (aka nerfing) for it to be more balanced, but at the same time, I feel warlock pets should be buffed, on the other hand. I personally don't think drains should persist when line of sight breaks on the target for more than maybe one second of the drain, and I think lifetap needs a negative aspect to it (for example, +25% increased damage taken for x seconds after using it) so warlocks would actually have to think about using it appropriately. However, I do feel warlock pets without benefitting from spell hit, spell penetration, or resilience need to be buffed in those regards with at least some of those stats transferring over. Warlocks obviously have their weaknesses and can be killed rather easily if you know their weaknesses (like banishing their pet so they lose soul link), but on the whole, they are still more powerful than I feel the playerbase thinks they should be.

Recently you wrote a blog where you critizized warriors berserker stance, would you mind explaining that a bit further?
ImageBerserker stance is a double-edged sword as it stands right now. Warriors are obligated to fight it in for the most part because you can't spell interrupt in battle or defensive stance while using a 2-handed weapon, and you can't break fears in the other stances either unless you trinket or death wish. The trade off of 3% increased critical chance for 10% increased damage taken just simply doesn't work anymore. It was maybe fair before resilience entered the game with TBC, but now the trade-off is asinine and makes warriors one of the easier targets to kill if you can stunlock them with no outs in berserker stance when they least expect it. Sure, warriors can avoid some of those situations by anticipating the burst coming, but RNG happens, lightning overload happens, focus soul fires happen, and warrior face-melting happens. Again, I've been on both the giving and receiving end of this, so I know all about it. Berserker stance really needs to be tuned to something more appropriate like 3% crit for 3% increased chance to be crit by enemies, or 5% bonus damage dealt for 5% increased damage taken.

What do you think about the warrior class overall in PvP, any special nerfs or buffs that you'd like to see?
I think the biggest misconception of the warrior class is how gear dependant they are. If you don't have top-of-the-line gear with the best gems and enchants available, and you're fighting someone from another class that does, you'll lose more often than not. I highly doubt I'd be able to kill a good warlock, mage, druid, paladin, or shadow priest 1v1, but the strength of the warrior class (and the root of most of the complaints) comes from the synergy that they share with healers backing them up. It's rather simple: you smack warrior, warrior gains rage to smack you back harder (enrage), healer heals warrior. This cycle typically continues ad nauseum until the person smacking the warrior is oom or out of cooldowns, or the healer healing that person is. So it all really depends on how you look at it. I think in a one versus one situation, warriors are fine. I think if supplemented with the right classes, they can be very strong. But as with any class, they have their weaknesses; like 3dps 3v3 teams against a 3v3 team with a warrior on it is amusing at best. If anything should be changed, I think mace specialization needs to be tuned and berserker stance needs to be re-worked and warriors would be more viable and less silly to fight as/against.

You've gotten a lot of fame trough Ming's various duelling videos, do you like the way warriors work in 1vs1?
"I feel warriors could use more utility abilities to allow for more finesse in their play rather than brute forcing people down."
Honestly, I feel warriors could use more utility abilities to allow for more finesse in their play rather than brute forcing people down. Rogues have a plethora of cooldowns to use and you can easily tell the skilled ones from the medicore ones. Warriors have such a limited arsenal at their disposal and half the time, you don't even need to use what limited abilities we have. Spell reflection was a good start with TBC, but we could definitely use more defensive abilities. I think a good one to consider would be something similar to the Midgard Warrior RR5 ability from DAoC called "Testudo." The description of this ability states:

"Warrior with shield equipped covers up and takes 90% less damage for all attacks for 45 seconds. Can only move at reduced speed (speed buffs have no effect) and cannot attack. Using a style will break testudo form. This ability is only effective versus realm enemies. 900 sec (15 min) reuse timer."

Obviously the duration of it might need adjusting but I think Blizzard should really considering adding something similar to this in for the class.

Do you have any general tips for warriors that wants to become good in 1vs1?
Pick up a skillherald or s3 mace, bind at least half of your keys to mortal strike and hamstring, and faceroll your way to victory? In all seriousness though, becoming good in 1v1 is a bit different from doing arena with a healer. It really takes a strong understanding of other classes and their strengths/weaknesses and that only happens through practice or even sometimes watching others do it. I'll just give a quick example of what I mean.

Let's say you're fighting a feral druid 1v1 (often thought of as impossible for warriors to beat). There are a few key things to remember here:

1) They have really high dodge rate in bear form, so it's often better to stay in battle stance, overpowering, and staying out of melee range until overpower cooldown is up because it almost will guaranteed to be lit up next time you swing at them

2) Their feral charge gives you second wind. If you can bait a druid into using that on you, you'll heal for a large amount of HP every time. Just make sure you get a hamstring and possibly spell reflect on them before they move away from you after a charge in case they try to CC/heal after it.

3) Lacerate damage stacks up and does significant damage when fully stacked by a feral druid. If they do this, you can't let them constantly refresh a five stack, you should kite them until it wears off.
"In order to be effective 1v1, you need a good understanding of your opponents and the limitations of their class."

4) Spell reflection eats nature's grasp if you reflect then hit them with your one-handed weapon while it's still on.

5) If they trinket at any point during the fight from an intercept or mace stun, etc, you can always wait until you no longer have any running DoT's and do a fear -> bandage

That's just a small list of things, but the point stands that in order to be effective 1v1, you need a good understanding of your opponents and the limitations of their class. Once you have that, the rest just comes down to practice.

You're also playing a Druid, tell us a little about that.
I've been playing both a horde and alliance druid on Tichondrius in order to play with friends, for fun, and to practice at getting better at the class. Before about 3-4 weeks ago, I had never even touched a druid before. Now we're playing at 2200+ level. It's a nice change of pace and it really gives me a better understanding of what my partners can do in certain situations when I'm playing on my warrior.

There has been a lot of talks about the new moonkin/resto spec, what's your opinion on it and where do you find it most suitable?
This is the very spec that I've been promoting and testing extensively myself. Deep was the original druid that utilized it, and I helped make it even more known, as I feel the spec has many strengths to it, given the right gear available to the druid. Having said that, however, one of the problems with the spec is that you definitely will want access to t6 quality PvE gear if you want to use the spec to maximum effectiveness. Vengeful and vindicator gear simply don't have enough spirit, mp5, intellect, and healing to make it worthwhile. However, if you do raid bt/hyjal and do have access to that quality of gear, I think it's definitely worth trying.

It's definitely weaker defensively than the typical 8/11/41 or 11/11/39 specs without feral charge and swiftmend, but I feel it's made up by the large increase in healing you gain from lunar guidance, the huge mp5 boost from dreamstate, and the significant increase in damage that you can put out as a healing druid from the multiple damage talents in the balance tree leading up to dreamstate. It doesn't work so well in a comp where the druid is a high priority target to be killed first, but if you run a comp where getting on the druid isn't a very attractive option or play with people that can protect you well, then the spec is absolutely amazing. It's almost impossible to lose due to be out-mana'd. The mp5 and healing gained from it are enormous.

The Bloodlust battlegroup (bg9) is by far the most popular in USA right now, but do you really think the skill level is that much higher there?
"It's gotten to the point where accomplishments in other battlegroups arn't even noteworthy anymore unless it's done in BG9"
I'll probably be labeled as just another bg9 fanboy when I say this, but... bg9 isn't all hype, at all. Sure, top teams from other battlegroups will experience similar success in all likelihood on bg9, but this battlegroup is definitely the "melting pot" of remaining talent in this game. When I transferred from bg1 Reckoning, I had to learn completely new styles of arena play (mainly warrior gib) and adapt to playing against much more skilled opponents. Speaking from a standpoint where the top teams are 2500, I would say the 1500-1900 level teams are all pretty similar to every other battlegroup, but once you reach the upper echelon of competition, you'll really begin to notice the difference with BG9 and other inferior (yeah, I said it) battlegroups. It's gotten to the point where accomplishments in other battlegroups arn't even noteworthy anymore unless it's done in BG9, so if you're trying to make a name for yourself or prove something, it pretty much has to be done here. Just don't transfer to Tichondrius to do it; we're rather full. I hear Silver Hand is a great alternative, however.

You've been playing pretty much every top player in the battlegroup, in all ladders... if you could pick a team with one player from each class, who would they be?
Oooh, a "best of the best" list. This should be interesting and flare some drama considering most of my picks are probably underrated or lesser known players. It sucks having to pick just one of a class, but I'll play along:

Druid: Imagination. Although I haven't played against or with him in 2v2, I have played against him in the other two brackets and I must say he's been quite impressive for someone so low-profile. His textbook kiting ability is amazing, he knows when to heal, knows when to cc, and probably knows how to save 15% on his car insurance. He's easily the least known druid of this battlegroup that deserves much more recognition than he gets.

Hunter: Prosu. I haven't run into many hunters much in arena, and while Reznap and Hammura both deserve mention for being incredible in 5v5, I've personally played against Prosu in all three brackets and have always been impressed with his skill and micro as a hunter, with excellent control over his pet, even re-directing it after taunting it.

Mage: Azurewrath. I don't think he does 5v5 to my knowledge (where I would put Chicane on top for this spot), but his performance in 2v2 and 3v3 (his main bracket) has always been impressive. He's hard to stutter like some other "big name" mages in this battlegroup, he knows when to burst, and knows when to best utilize spellsteal, which not many mages can say. He's not as flashy as some mages with his kiting, but he gets the job done more often than not. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play him on LAN in the near future.

Paladin: Kurlanz. Hahahaha, ok not really. Definitely Sck. His positioning is almost always impeccable, his efficiency is top-notch, his micro leaves nothing to be desired, and his awareness for mana burn and cc is as good as it gets. He's probably the only paladin that I ever see totem stomp and reapply blessings mid-fight, and probably more impressive is the fact that he has done so well with having access to such little PvE gear (which is highly desired on a paladin for certain slots).

Priest: Brazetina (aka Rafterman). As much as we don't get along sometimes, you can't deny this guy's skill as a priest. He pretty much invented the aggressive playstyle that priests have mostly all adapated to these days of skillful mana burn spamming, as well as pioneering the (in)famous "devastating mind control." His dispelling (including mass dispel) and ability to kite and stay alive are top notch and if you have ever played against him, I think you'd agree he's incredibly hard to burst down.

Rogue: Nitrana. Nothing against my boy Xecks, but Nitrana has continually proven to be an amazing rogue in clutch situations and probably the only team with a rogue on it that has a winning record against our 3v3 team when we have our main people playing. He uses cooldowns extremely aggressively and vanish immunes some of the craziest things that not even Neilyo has done (blind, intimidating shout, etc). He's very hard to lock down, and given the fact that he's a bad night elf (just like Xecks!) without WotF, should make his success all that much more impressive. While he may not be as flashy as Neilyo, who is also a great rogue, he still gets the job done both on LAN and live.

Shaman: GC. This one was a bit of a toss-up almost with Kollektiv competing for the spot, but having played with/against both, I feel GC has more experience with both resto and elemental spec. Kollektiv is flawless at burst, elemental, and utility, but I feel GC takes the micro to another level with his totem management, interrupts, and heals. I've never seen someone tremor his group out of my intimidating shouts almost as instantly as he does, and micro his shock interrupts, heals, grounding totems, and timely burst damage so well all at once before.

Warlock: Xyi. This choice was because although I feel that Helldridge is equally as good as Xyi in 5v5, Xyi is more experienced with 2v2 and 3v3. Having played with him in 3v3, I can't really say anything except his reaction time and pet management is ridiculously fast. Playing against rogue/mage/priest as druid/warlock/warrior, he would devour polymorphs off me INSTANTLY (assuming I had no other magic debuffs on) before my character would even turn into a sheep graphic. His spell locks rarely miss, he doesn't choke under pressure when being trained on, he manages his curses and DoT's extremely well, and most importantly, knows how to spam damage, and as stupid as that sounds, a felguard warlock should be doing by far the most damage on a 2346 team, and if they're not, your warlock needs to step it up. Now if only Xyi didn't use a $5 mic...

Warrior: Inactive. Although Maldezzar would be a close pick because his guild name obviously states that he's the "BEST WARRIOR EVER," I think Inactive easily comes to mind as being a top warrior. Although we have gibbed him a lot in 5v5 even this season with a less experienced roster, you have to get pretty good RNG to have it happen. He's really good at watching your shaman and seeing when the burst is coming before it even happens (which also allowed our shaman to fake some bursts, too) and D's up long before the warrior intercept stun can hit him. He knows when to be aggressive and when to shield up, and he's the heart of team CLC, which is currently dominatating the 5v5 bracket. He doesn't do much 3v3 and doesn't 2v2 at all, but his performance in 5v5 can't be overlooked. And as much as I think he's immature sometimes being only 16 years old, his skill is undeniable.

Finally, what tips do you have to people who wants to take that little extra step to become a top notch PvPer?
"That little extra step" is also known as min/max'ing. There are 2 very simple ways to min/max your stats in arena, although they can be pricey. BT gems and enchanting. For gems, make a template of what gems you'll be using in each slot of gear and buy the appropriate gem for that socket, and get it all cut, easy enough. For enchanting (which you want for the ring enchants at 360+ skill),
"Moral of the story is don't be stingy; go all out if you're serious about arena."
you can easily power level it from 1-375 in a day assuming you have the resources (aka money) to dish out for it. If you armory any serious arena player, you'll notice this trend amongst all of them (at least the enchanting part). Every high end arena healer has +20 healing on both rings, every caster has +12 damage on both, etc etc. Every bit counts, because, think of how many times someone gets away at 1% hp or how someone died if you had just crit instead of hit, or how you as a healer lose a mirror match because you're oom and the other healer has 1-2k mana left. Moral of the story is don't be stingy; go all out if you're serious about arena.

Thanks a lot for your time, and last comments or shoutouts?
-Julia: I hope you don't mind me borrowing your name until this is fixed! :) Say hi to Emi, Hav, Avam, Gren, and all the other Fatalis crew for me.
-Paul: For always being helpful despite the circumstances
-Ming: I'll never fully understand your motives, but thank you for your jutsus
-Spoh: You asked me to play with you again in S3, but you're MIA! wru spoh
-Jasi: For all the late night 2v2 chats and everything else
-Qazdia: qt belf
-Swarm: "THIS IS EMBARASSING!" (when our horde point selling team loses to Avant Garde)
-Pronne: Why are you so good at this game?
-Clabont: Hi.
-Substantial: [Night's End]
-Sonance: I still remember when you fell asleep during Sapphiron
-Cayley: Can I be your bf? I'll fight Yog for it.
-Sandrine: Are you TRYING to aggro everything???
-Minor: HELLo!?
-Hannibal: Future vengeful gladiator, just you wait
-Ohnoes: [Dragonspine Trophy]
-Hedwig: For Gnomeregan!



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