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2vs2 EU Champion Zalmah Interviewed

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Dec 18, 2007 20:27

ImageAlthough he lost the 2vs2 CGS final against "wts skill" Zalmah is undoubtly one of the most successful Rogues so far in the esport aspect of WoW. A first place in the BlizzCon 2vs2 European finals and qualifying for the 5vs5 European finals pretty much speaks for itself. Jasi from Worldofming have caught up with him for an interview.

Zalmah plays a Blood Elf Rogue in the infamous GRAMMERPOLICE guild on Talnivarr (EU) and has some very interesting answers in the interview over at Worlofming.

Here's a clip.

So, being that you're a huge fan of Rogue/Priest in 2v2, what do you think of its current position in the bracket, and are there any any secrets or notable strategies you'd like to comment about?
Zalmah: I think it's a solid combo against a lot of setups, which is really what makes combos strong in WoW, y'know that's why you don't see many 2dps teams because they have a smaller margin for error. Double AR prep was just really too godly, i'm glad they are changing it and i'm proud that we managed to win the European 2v2 championships in 2.1.0 when rogue/priest wasn't as strong as it is now.

In terms of what I'm currently doing; taking a hiatus from competitive arena and thinking about starting some 3v3 for next season if a tournament is announced, however we do have a contract with the CGS until April so we may not be able to participate. I’m looking forward to trying out a lot of new specs next patch too. Using AR/Prep at the moment which is very dull, i know; but i've always played very multi target (sometimes too much!) and made a lot of use of weapon switch which is really under-used at the moment.

Care to elaborate on that? Sounds interesting.
Zalmah: I always keep 2 extra offhands in my inventory, one with wound poison and one with mind numbing. My usual offhand will always have crippling poison on. The wound offhand I use for stacking wound really quick, the mind numbing I usually let loose against a lock team after the first felhunter kill so that i can interrupt the fel domination.

The full interview can be found here.

Picture by CGS.



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