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HerO wins IEM Cologne

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Feb 17, 2014 19:00

ImageThe Protoss player overcame Polt in a six game thriller to ensure the grand prize.

Lead by the enigmatic UK RedEye, DE IEM Cologne offered the viewers a top-notch StarCraft 2 tournament, stacked with some of the best players in the world. The great production quality and excellent mix of casters/analysts ensured that we got the best product possible during the weekend.

After a hard fought group stage affair, KR HerO finished second, losing only to SK Telecom's KR Rain. Once the playoff stage hit, the young Protoss demolished KR InnoVation with a clean 3-0 after an impressive display of aggression. Next up was "The Tyrant" - KR JaeDong who surprisingly, had a very hard time against KR Patience. The EG zerg did go the distance, but was no match for HerO who won the match 3-2 and ensured a place in the grand final.

There awaited the North American champion - KR Polt. The terran's way into the finals was very rocky, a double 3-2 against two protoss aces KR Classic and KR Rain.

After a thrilling six-game affair, TeamLiquid's player stood victorious, taking the best-of-seven 4-2 and adding 10,000$, 750 WCS points and a spot at the PL IEM Katowice 100,000 winner-takes-it-all tournament.

Final standings:
1. KR LiquidHerO - 10,000$ + 750 WCS points
2. KR CMStormPolt - 4,000$ + 500 WCS points
3. KR SKT.Rain - 2,000$ + 375 WCS points
4. KR EG.JaeDong - 2,000$ + 375 WCS points

Image courtesy of Teamliquid's twitter: @TeamLiquidPro.



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