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SK in the EU LCS: Week 5

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Feb 17, 2014 18:28

ImageOur boys had a very stressful week - two matches against non-other than colossi Fnatic and Gambit. Join me to find out how the matches went!

After a decent Week 4 performance the EU SK Gaming squad was in the middle of the pack with a 4-6 record. Usually, that doesn't mean the end of the world, but with upcoming matches against EU fnatic and RU Gambit, the lads had quite the task on their hands.

With DE nRated looking better every game, the main focus, at least on paper, for our opponents would be the bottom lane and jungler. An ever-aggressive DK Svenskeren could certainly spell disaster for the enemy team while the German efficiency of our bot lane is unmatched once in the lead. Not to mention the fact that the Dane is a true terror in Solo Queue these days, consistently stealing the number once spot from NO nukeduck.

Fnatic: The El Classico continues

This game had quite an interesting back story to it. With SK's rise in Week 4 and Fnatic's repeated loss streak, many wondered whether either squad could prove that their current form is a fluke. Coming into the clash as favourites, Fnatic made the game interesting right from the get go!

SK immediately picked Thresh away from FR YellowStar which, in turn, locked Wukong and Lulu for the opposing side. Unsure where the little pixie is actually going, our boys smartly picked Vayne and Vi, in hope of receiving more information about the enemy composition. Fnatic were quick to respond with LeBlanc and Lucian being locked, revealing the Lulu to be a support. DK Jesiz chose Orianna while UK fredy122 stuck with Trundle, expecting his French counterpart to call and pick a tank. What followed was quite the surprise as FR sOAZ last picked the one and only Rumble and revealing his team's composition as a double AP.

Although his play was spot-on, the Swede could not help his team.

The game itself was a brilliant tactical play from SK. With Svenskeren being all over the map, our lanes got enough pressure to get them through the early game. Once that was done, DE CandyPanda started splitpushing the bottom lane in hopes of drawing as much attention as needed while the rest of the team took objectives. The teams traded equally in the mid game and despite ES Peke's LeBlanc getting a small lead, SK held their opponents at bay once it came to head-on engagements. Tower after tower, SK asserted dominance of the map with crisp rotations. The nail in the coffin was a 4-1 situation with CandyPanda bottom. He drew the whole Fnatic team to him and in the meantime, the rest of the team took baron without opposition. A couple of pushes later, Fnatic's losing streak continued while the German efficiency bot lane added another win to their record.

Gambit Gaming: The streak continues

Ever since Season 3, the Russians have this interesting tradition to always experiment against our squad. Whether it is new picks or crazy strategies, RU Gambit have fallen victim to this custom not once or twice. Last time, a Caitlyn from RU Genja and Rengar (who was not in the meta at the time) from RU Darien sealed a defeat in the final week of the Summer LCS. Obviously not taking that into consideration, the trend continued... and so did the result.

The pick and ban phase started with SK quickly locking Annie. On the other hand, the Russians responded with a Kayle and Lucian pick. Sven and Freddy picked accordingly, introducing Pantheon and Trundle to our composition. The Thresh Prince RU EdWard locked his trademark champion, while RU Diamond decided to showcase the newly reworked Skarner and continued the trend of experimenting against our team. Finishing with Vayne, Ziggs and Lord Darien's Warwick, the game was ready to begin.

Diamond's Skarner play was a disappointment.

The early game went in favour of SK as DE CandyPanda's Vayne was sitting on a 1-0-6 score line after the first couple of engagements. From that point onward, the game snowballed and our team never let the Russians a comeback window. Despite RU Alex Ich's best efforts the Kayle was shutdown after an impressive display of Ziggs by Jesiz who never made a wrong step and finished the game without dying. On the other hand, Diamond was rather unconvincing on his Skarner pick scoring a disappointing 1-6-3. SK made all the right choices and ended the game as soon as they could, finishing the week with a perfect 2-0 record against the favourites to win the whole split.

SK and Standings

The hard work and practice has definitely given results as the players can be more than proud of what they achieved during the week. However, the next challenge is just a few days away! While scoring two vital wins, the team did not climb up the rankings as EU Supa Hot Crew also had a very successful venture. If the team continues the excellent play a top 3 spot is definitely possible as two more wins could potentially spearhead SK in second place. Fingers crossed, lads!

Sven has all the reasons to smile.

Although each and every member put in a tremendous amount of effort, DK Svenskeren's control over the map was pivotal in both our victories. As DK Jesiz stated in an interview with UK Thorin after the matches, Sven's aggression and pressure in key points during the map swung the tides even harder in SK's favour, allowing the rest of the squad to do their job with ease.
Being one of the best junglers in EU LCS this week and holding the number one spot in the European Challenger tier Solo Queue, Sven has definitely proven to be SK's MVP for this week.

In just three days, our squad will face EU Alliance and the Polish dominators of PL Roccat. The matches start on Thursday, 20th February at 19:00 CET. Ave SK!

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