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Blizzard creating Next-Gen's MMO game

By Antti 'drinn' Paasivaara
Dec 12, 2007 13:06

ImageThe Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that they are creating a new and "next generation's" Massive Multiplayer Online game.

Blizzard is at this moment looking for new employees to handle their newest MMO project. More closely they are looking 3D Artists, "Lead 3D Character Artist - Next-Gen MMO", as said at their website.

The community was filled with the rumours that Starcraft MMO is in the works, but it affects to be slightly incorrect when some think its world will be mixed on The Lost Vikings or Blackthorne. Also the community believed it could be a new expasion for current World of Warcraft game, but the company turned that rumour vice versa from positive to negative.

Wired's staff tried to contact Blizzard, but the phone call was cut with "PR-backed silence", as expected.

Whatever the unannounced next generation's Massive Multiplayer Online game will be, you will hear it here at SK Gaming. Stay tuned!



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