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WoW 3vs3 Guide

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Nov 26, 2007 17:01

ImageWorld of Warcraft is back in the eSport scene as Dreamhack together with ESL are hosting a $75,000 3vs3 tournament at the Dreamhack Winter event this weekend in Jönköping. WoW is very different compared to other games since the game knowledge, different classes, spells are almost endless. That's why I've decided to guide you trough some of the most common 3vs3 setups.

Rogue, Mage & Priest (RMP)
This is one of, probably the most common 3v3 setup. It has everything that a team needs – great damage, healing, crowd control, mana burn, both offensive and defensive dispel. The Rogue and Mage can easily bring down a target within only a few seconds, especially with the help of the Mage counterspelling and polymophing and maybe even Priest fearing.

Easy setups for this team would be pretty much all teams witha solo Paladin, Priest or Shaman healer, but also Priest&Paladin healers with Warrior.
"The Priest spells are very expensive compared to other healers which means that the team is very vurnable for draining teams."

The only negative thing with this setup is that their mana is fairly limited, the Priest spells are very expensive compared to other healers which means that the team is very vurnable for draining teams.

This setup can be countered by quite a lot of setups though, especially teams with a druid since it is extremely hard to kill a druid without judgement of justice (Paladin spell which reduces the targets movement speed to 100%) and he is also impossible for the team to crowd control as he can easily shapeshift out of polymorphs.

Warrior with Shaman&Paladin or Priest&Druid can definitley outlast them, same goes with Hunter/Warlock/Druid which has become a very solid and popular setup since the hunter buffs in the 2.3 patch.

Warrior & 2 Healers
Warriors are extremely strong as their damage is more consistant than any class and with a 2 hander and MS debuff they can keep healers busy forever pretty much. There are quite a few variations of this team, the most common one probably being Shaman&Paladin – 2 plate users and 2 shield users. With everyone in the team having over 10k armor it makes it almost impossible for any team to burst them down. With totems and blessing of freedom the Warrior becomes almost unstoppable if not countered fast. They have both offensive and defensive dispels aswell.

"With judgement of justice, blessing of freedom and offensive dispel, this team can easily take down any druid without much problems."
Priest&Druid together with Warrior is fairly new to the 3v3 scene and has proven to be extremely strong. Due to the Priest being their only magic dispeller they are extremely reliant on him having mana. This is a very good counter for RMP and can easily outlast any Shaman or Priest solo healer team. Hard setups for this would be drain teams, especially Hunter or Mage together with Warlock&Druid.

If you swap a Druid in that team for a Paladin however (making it Priest/Pala/Warr), this team becomes quite the opposite. With judgement of justice, blessing of freedom and offensive dispel, this team can easily take down any druid without much problems. Since both the Priest and Paladin are very easy to crowd control via polymorph/counterspell this team don't have much chance of surviving the bursts of the Rogue/Mage/Priest setup.

Warlock, Druid & X
If you look up the word outlast in a dictionary, I'm sure you will see these 2 classes in there somewhere soon. One of the strongest(overpowered?) 2v2 setups around, the warlock having insane survivability with soul link, consistant dot damage and a pet keeping whoever they want in combat. The Druid is probably the most mana efficent healer who is almost impossible to crowd control and counterspell and also has insane crowd control abilities himself via cyclone and entangling roots. These two classes can be combined with pretty much any class – Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Shadowpriest, Warrior. These setups are very strong and can outlast even 2 healer teams. The crowd control from both the Warlock and Druid together with whoever the last class is, this team can nuke, kite, outlast – you name it. With a Hunter using his traps this setup becomes almost impossible for RMP to beat. However they have to watch out for a Paladin/Warr setups who can take down the druid quite fast.
"These setups are very strong and can outlast even 2 healer teams."

Warrior, Paladin & X
This, just like the Warlock/Druid is a very common 2v2 setup and combined with a Warlock or Mage makes a very good allround 3v3 team. Pretty much equal to RMP but with less burst and more survivability. As stated several times earlier, a Paladin and Warrior can give pretty much any druid a hard time, which makes this setup very strong in higher ratings. They can outlast a 2 healer team aswell due to everyone having so much survivablity, especially with a warlock. Can't see them surviving the burst against the RMP though.

Rogue, Shadow Priest & Restoration Shaman
Not many teams can burst like this one, a Rogue and Shadow Priest with heroism can do insane admounts of damage in very short time. Two offensive dispellers, one defensive, plus the Shaman totems means that the enemies will have a hard time getting any pressure on them. Most teams often go for the Shadow Priest and since most of his damage spells are either instant or 1.5 sec cast, it doesn't affect the teams performance very much.

I could continue listing different setups here forever since there are 165 different ones. But I think we will see mostly these teams at the Dreamhack event. A ”new” one that has gotten a significant boost in the 2.3 patch is Elemental Shaman together with Warrior and Priest. An elemental Shaman with PI, Heroism and a sword Warrior can pretty much kill anything instantly. The Priest being able to solo heal a lot better since the patch helps too.



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