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Impressions of the WC3L Finals

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Nov 17, 2007 16:48

Sitting here in Cologne in the press area. It is getting dark outside(I hate winter by the way) and in the mean time we have a tough match happening between MeetYourMakers and the Beijing Esport Team. I have to admit that my skills of warcraft aren't heady but I am getting there(...). In front of me a guy from the MYM newscrew watching waaaaaagghhh TV and going crazy when Focus isn't so lucky in the game.
HoT should of arrived yesterday night around 11 o'clock at our office but as always the stupid airlines had some kind of delays..due to the snowfall! Poor HoTness had to wait the whole night in a filthy corner somewhere at Schiphol outside of Amsterdam and jump into the next connection in the morning. On top of that he forget his mobile phone in Ukraine and had to call me from some phone booth at the airports and spend a fortune. He finally contacted me and simultaneously woke me up, thanks again Mr. Novopashyn. "Hey Timothy lets meet in front of the Cologne Cathedral", my thought was "WTF?", so I had to convince him to meet at the platform in the trainstation which also happenend. So finally HoT managed to get to the finals in time.
All the others where already at the location and good old SK.Insomnia was playing the virgin match against WE.Sky. Lost unfortunately, but I think one is allowed to lose to Sky. He sure is a true force out there. ReMinD woke up with some hard lines today and wasn't able to beat WE.Infi but therefore the 2on2, Lyns and Sojus battle went just great. We all are very satisfied with the outcome of 3:2 and are expecting some extremely hot matches tonight and tomorrow.
Someone openend the windows here and I my little fingers are starting to turn blue. Sorry, I am drifting off the topic.
What else is there to say? The location and organisation is superb as always. The prize money of 5000€ for first place isn't a big bunch of money but who doesn't want to take home the title? Stay tuned for some videos, photos and maybe even some hot blogs from the man who hasn't got much clue of Warcraft 3! Thanks for reading.



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