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Games Convention 2007

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Aug 25, 2007 17:38

I am sitting here in the SK lounge and taking care that everything is settled. We have a couple of laptops built up here with FIFA and some other games running...but only FIFA is played :). Seems to be liked!
NGL ONE final is running at the moment and we are playing the first overtime vs fnatic. Been running quite nice for us today. Winning against mousesports in a tight match was a great success. Xlord, Insomnia and Miou have been very studious playing the ENC finals. Very interesting matches I have to say. The NGL One finals didn't go so well for us but we didn't expect much anyway. Grubby had a great run against us, congratulations! Fly100% surprised us all in a fantastic match vs 4Kings. Didn't really believe it when SK.Reis came up to us and told us this. Wicked..awesome!
Other than that the whole event is fastinating. Heaps of people, all different kinds of cultures and a huge variety of booths. Pretty exciting. The games are really worth checking out. Got the impression that the Nintendo Wii is going to be bringing out some cool stuff in the future. I am keen on finding out. The exhibition isn't too huge either. One can walk everywhere easily without getting feetache or something like that. It sure is a bit loud but you know..that is usual at something like this. Competitive loudness of booths. I think I might be a bit deaf when I leave this here.
Ownitsch just came along! He is enjoying his break from working for the WCG Europe. Greetings from him at this point! We will be uploading some fotos and videos later on today when we have the time. It has been a full on schedule so it has been hard for SK.aLx especially to find the time to upload his material. Anyways! So long!



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