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Intel Racing Tour - Specialstopp

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jun 24, 2007 12:57

Hey guys o/
Maybe you all read the news that i was in Kiel at the Intel Racing Tour. Well, there isn't a secound Intel Racing Tour Season yet, but there was a kind of special event stopp, where the fastest driver can win a Notebook. I wanted to win that damn nice thing, too and i did a kind of LIVE Coverage here in my blog news.
Today i updated it with a more detailed summery of this nice weekend and i hope you enjoy reading it. I will upload many pics in a few days, too. You will find them @ SK Gallery
LIVE Coverage:
Qualifying times for the Final Race:
1. Danny Engels - 4:06.34
2. Hartmut Slosarek - 4.16.44
3. Sebastian Timmermann - 4:16.86
Final Race:
Danny Engels vs Hartmut Slosarek - [1:0] *WIN*
WoW, that's the first thing i would say if someone asked me about this weekend. No! not World of Warcraft ... just an awesome weekend ... maybe a World of Wonders.
I don't wanna write too much and deter you, but i think it's hard to do a _short_ summery of the last 48 hours. I hope it isn't too boring for you and maybe you can get some interessting and nice impressions of an "Event Weekend" with SK|HuskY.
h3lly told me friday evening something about a special Intel Racing Tour Event Stopp in Kiel at the 'Kieler Woche'. At this Specialstopp the two fastest drivers have the chance to win a Futjisu Siemens Amilo Notebook each day. I knew that it was my chance to win a prize of approx 1000 Euro without any problems, because there wasn't a really skilled driver in Kiel.
But Kiel is around 800 kilometers away from my home town ... actually i have to go by train for 9 hours and this sucks ...
Well, everybody knows, at least after this freaky 24 hours World Record, that I'm just a little bit crazy! So, I asked SK if it is possible to get support for this Special Intel Racing Tour Stopp. meru and killabee organized many things, like a nice hotel, at friday evening - big thanks mates! Everything was ohkey, but i slept only 4 hours, because we played and won a Counter-Strike Leaguematch this night and my mission 'Kieler Woche' started at 6 am. I hadn't a big problem to handle that, but after 15 minutes of chillin' in the train, the train driver told us that a stupid guy commited suicide with running in front of a train. Kids, commiting suicide isn't the right way to solve your problems ... it just creates new problems - like mine. The train had to stop in Wittlich, because the police closed the road to the next trainstation. Huh, i was a little bit pissed off..
The 'Deutsche Bahn' told me that there will be a bus, which drive us to the next trainstation. Well ... normaly i haven't a problem with driving bus insteed of train, but there wasn't a bus ... After approx one and a half hour of waiting and sitting in the rain a bus arrived. All in all i was happy about the fact that i can go on, and with "only" 2 hours delay, my new train reached the trainstation of Koblenz. I planed to be in Kiel at 2:32 pm because the sign up for the 'qualifying races' ended at 5 pm ... Yo and now i added 2 hours ... i wasn't really happy about this situation, especially as my 3rd train (normaly the 2nd) also had a delay of 10 minutes. Hmm i tried not to think about this fucking day and slept some hours in the train from Koblenz to Hamburg ...
But close in front of Hamburg (just 1 hour of Kiel away) our train stopped again. "The police is searching some playing kids on the rails and nobody is allowed to drive to Hamburg at the moment" I became crazy and called cyber|Biernot and many other people to get some information - specially about the Intel Racing Tour ... I had to add 40 minutes delay again ... I needed someone who drive me to Kiel. Because i missed my train from Hamburg to Kiel with 50 minutes delay of the InterCity train, too. The great Biernot rented a car and picked me up in Hamburg to drive fullspeed over the highway ... but we were too late ... big thanks to Biernot for acting as taxi driver. It was just awesome and i hope i can make you a nice suprise in two weeks at holidays in Denmark ;-) We will see !
Well i was too late ... hmm, crap thing in my opinion. My last chance was to win a notebook on sunday evening, but i have to go to school on monday morning. I searched a new train over night to Trier and had the luck to find a good one. Yo, so i created a new "plan" and was satisfied for the moment. I had also the chance to get some promotion for SK and intel on saturday and to get a little bit fame at the Kieler Woche. I did an Interview on the nice BMW stage at the BMW 'Bootshafen' and talked a little bit during the Intel Racing Tour Saturday Final Race. It was really funny and I met some interessting guys, like Sebastian and Bernhard, but also all the Intel Racing Tour guys again. In the evening i had the first chance to show my skill in the BMW Cockpits. Many guys there said that no one can drive faster then 4:16.x but i drove already a 4:08.99 in my first race. I love it to drive in these cockpits and to push the car hard through every corner with this newby Intel Racing Tour Setup.
I finished the day with doing some party at the 'Kieler Woche' and check in in my hotel.
At the next morning i knew i have to make it - to win this fuckin' damn thing. And i practiced the hole day with nice, fair and friendly opponents. It was quite cool! In the end i drove a 4:06.34 and was over 10 secounds faster then the 2nd placed Hartmut Slosarek. At 5pm, it was sure that i have to drive versus Hartmut in the final race on the stage in front of many peoples and cameras.
To drive 5 rounds on Kyoto National and cross the finish line as first ... that was the onliest thing i had to do to win a new notebook.
I wasn't nervous on the stage. Maybe it was an advantage to drive there. Anyway, i knew that I only can beat me myself, because i was 3 secounds per lap faster then Hartmut in the qualifying races. After an awesome performance on the stage i crossed the finish line 15 secounds in front of Hartmut and won.
1st place at the Intel Racing Tour Specialstopp in Kiel at the Kieler Woche.
I was happy about the hole situation ... to win an interessting tournament for SK again and to win a notebook. Maybe i will use, or maybe i will sell this thing .. I can't say it right now, but i think i will sell it ...
After the final race i walked a little bit through the 'Kieler Woche' and it's very interessting how many peoples talk to you about the Intel Racing Tour. The most people came to me and asked me something like "And you won the real BMW M6 ? wow ... awsome - GRATZ" and they wanted to know something about the Intel Racing Tour and Live for Speed. Some guys asked also for an autograph :p There was a little feeling of being famous ^^ and this as a Live for Speed driver!
In the evening i drove back home to Trier with train, but everything was good. I left Kiel at 9 pm and I arrived at Trier at 7:30 am, so that I had no problems to go to school 20 minutes later. I hope this blog wasn't too boring for you and especially the Saturday was a really unlucky day for me, but in the end i won that thing! (:
cheers \o/



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