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SHGopen Day 2

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Feb 17, 2007 15:45

Early morning today. Everyone got up at 8 o'clock to be here at the event by 10 for the first counterstrike matches. The first match against the Danish team identify was a rather easy one to win. The guys used it more or less to warm up. The following match though wasn't an easy one to pocket. One of the best Belgian teams Defusekids showed us how to counterattack some of our tactics on de_dust2. At the end of the day we were able to win this thrilling match aswell. In the meanwhile bds arrived to enliven the team. ID Gaming was the next on the list after they confronted the team Fenomenal. The map was cpl_mill! Since ID Gaming has a fairly new squad it wasn't easy to estimate their competence here. The T half started pretty well actually taking it with an 9:6 whereas the CT half went absolutely wobbly. The team somehow managed to play a draw and win the overtime afterwards..the luck was with SK this time. Lets stay tuned what the rest of the day will bring us! Here we go again: the match against NoA started in the late afternoon with a shocking start as Terrorists. Luckily the team managed to get back into the game as CT but couldn't hold the draw. Unfortunately we lost the match and were sent into the loserbracket. In the meantime the team gathered and spoke through the tactics for dust2. The following opponent was logitech, a team which has been playing together for quite a while. On both sides SK didn't find a way to pocket the rounds how they thought they could. That was the end for the team at the SHGopen! But you can still be looking forward to some hot events with the new team 2007.



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