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SHGopen Day 1

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Feb 16, 2007 20:30

Left my house on thursday afternoon to Cologne where I met the guys from mousesports. We rented a car stuffed all the equipment inside and drove north. I actually had in mind that the trip up to Copenhagen was around 6 hours..unfortunately it turned into 9! Well anyway, we arrived around 5 o'clock in the morning at the hotel, which is located opposite from the event. After having a nice and recovering sleep we got into the car, had lunch, and went to the event directly afterwards. Most of the teams had arrived already, SK aswell. I handed out the new tricots and various mousepads and started to take some fotos of the event. I have to say that this occasion is a ball for every esport fanatic. Heaps and heaps of teams from all over the globe including even mibr (that probably had the longest trip here). the groupstage started today which is still a little boring but I am sure the matches will get bloody tough tomorrow. The team is in a great shape and I am sure that we can be awaiting some absolutely thrilling matches here..people, we will keep you tuned!



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