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I just finish the Game Honey

By B 'HcK' F
Apr 1, 2006 00:19

"I just finish the Game Honey"
About Girlfriends, Parents and Political Incorrectness.
Then quit now and come to bed!
How often most of us have heard that thing out of the Bedroom from your better half.
Just when you think you play the best game of your life or working out the next perfect world domination plan for your company that little but forcing voice reminds you to stop right now or sleep on the couch.
Did Da Vincis wife ask him to come to bed when he was about to finish the Mona Lisa? Would you disturb Alexander the great when he's planning his next war to rule the world? No you wouldn't.
Especially in Germany I see it very often that Gaming and naming yourself a Gamer brings a lot of problems with it.
Are Gamers just misunderstood Genius or just the next Generation of Serial Killers? At least the last point seems to be the truth for most politicians.
If it's about the German politicians every Gamer would go to Jail because he's a potential risk for the Society in good old Germany currently, and that we have a conservative Party ruling our Country doesn't make things better.
We as Gamers are the purple cows in a whole farm of black ones.
Today I had the perfect example what people in Germany in the Public really think and are feared of,
believe me, it's not Terorrists and not the Bird Flu.
I was sitting in one of that overcrowded public transport vehicles called "Bus" and was playing some with my Playstation Portable. A friend of mine I gave it too over the weekend was breaking all my records and so I tried to get my honor back.
After twenty minutes of Gaming and some people watching over my shoulder to take care I'm not watching some porn and what I was doing I finally got it. Deeply concentrated I got my first place back in the HighScore list jumping off the Seat and giving a little WOO! out like I was used to it when I was playing Basketball and as passionated Gamer.
The Reaction of the other people were quite interesting. To the right and left of me two people were jumping off the seat and nearly 1m away from me. The rest of the Bus looked at me and even the Bus Driver drove over to the right side and stopped to check what was going on. The people were looking at me like I'd open my jacket now and blasting the whole bus or getting a hidden Shotgun out of my pants shooting everyone down.
After two minutes everything was fine again. Well, fine for the others, I had to leave the bus and to wait for the next one at the next station.
After I came home today finally I was thinking about that whole experience and also discussed it with a girlfriend of mine. Because I'm behind the whole Gaming Scene and working a lot with the Industry I can't say I'm without bias. So it's always good to get Feedback from someone that has nothing to do with all that stuff. Even for her it was hard to understand all that Gaming thing and my work behind the scenes and inside the Industry but at least she's trying to understand.
Well I am in luck since I bought here a Nintendo DS and Nintendogs she's much more intersted in that whole stuff. But I doubt buying Angela Merkel a Nintendo DS and a copy of Nintendogs will change her opinion about Gamers. Maybe I'll try to send one over. Who knows maybe it is changeing something.
I know I know enough said, but all that stuff brings me to some final thoughts.
First of all a Business advise I give all of you and is also working for everything that happens inside the society.
Noone cares about you. Noone wakes up in the morning and says "Wow today I'll read an Article about SK-Gaming or go to any Gaming Event" The average adult simply don't care about Gaming.
So Organizations like SK-Gaming have to bring the Gaming to the Public and the normal society. Because noone who is not interested in your product/company will come to you and say hey show me.
Second thing is Gamers need a voice.
That means Organizations like ESB for Germany are actually great even if they have lots of stuff to do to get acceptance into the usual peoples head and that will take some time. But if they reach to be the voice of everyone of you to the Media and Politicians that can really move something.
The Third thing is the most important.
Stand up and fight.
Stay and stand for what you are doing and loving.
Gaming is your hobby and noone in the world has the right to make you feel bad because of it.
Sure it is strange if I go out in a suite and play with my PSP in a public place and even show my emotions that make Gaming a great experience. But hey I can do what I like to do and I try to interest people in what I'm doing. If everyone of you'll do that, to get acceptance for Gaming will be a lot easier.
Well, the little forcing voice is asking me now to stop writing and come to bed the third time. So I wish all of you a good night , have fun and enjoy the Gaming your are doing and show others why it's such a great thing.
Just my two cents.
Bjoern Franzen



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