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Curse Academy welcomes DontMashMe

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Feb 12, 2014 15:24

ImageFormer Coast member DontMashMe joins the Curse Academy team as a new starter AD Carry following a dispute within the previous line-up.

The sister team of NA LCS participants US Curse, is undergoing a roster change as we see community favourite US fabbbyyy exit the squad. The talented AD Carry rose to fame as "the gatekeeper", following multiple bizare occasions where a game of his would separate most players from entering Challenger tier in the North American League of Legends server.

On his facebook page, the AD issued the following statement:

"Jaximus made a leaving CRS academy thing so I guess I should do one too. Basically it was a problem with me and sheep never seeing eye to eye, having a bot lane that doesn't get along usually doesn't work out and in this case it didn't. Eventually I was just benched for mash me since sheep thought he had more synergy with him, from Zekent's AMA, "I don't think it was ever an issue of who was a better support, but rather who could make calls that everyone would listen to in game." Basically it wasn't an issue on who was a better ADC, rather who could get along with sheep more, I was personally looking to try playing with a different support player on the team but couldn't find anyone that I would want to play with bot. The bench ended on good terms as I am still friends with most of the team and liquid."

The replacement will be an AD Carry with some LCS experience in the face of CA DontMashMe. This move also prompted a switch in mid lane. US Only Jaximus is stepping down as newcomer CA Duocek enters. The Kayle main has had an impressive debut against US Cloud9 Tempest (featuring the likes of US Altec and KR/US Bischu).

US Curse Academy roster:

US Keenan "Rhus" Santos - Top
CA Patrick "Titours" Lefort - Jungler
CA Duocek - Mid
CA Brandon "DontMashMe" Phan - AD
CA Jamie "Sheep" Gallagher - Support



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