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Team Delta adds HolyHuman

By Simone 'aShuN' Sassoli
Oct 15, 2007 02:45

Nick 'HolyHuman' Pesu has surely been part of a lot of teams during his WarCraft III history; formerly playing for New Russia, he couldn't help but leave when the managers decided to undertake a Russian-only project.

''So HolyHopper here again'' ironically comments Pesu. Before New Russia he has been part of The Elder Gods, Templars of Twilights and redCode -- only to mention the most recent ones.
''I decided to be smart and approach teams instead of joining the first or the best one that contacted me on that day'' - he continues. Team Delta is the organization that Pesu got in touch with: a good part of their roster is American and that should at least make internal practice and team spirit easier. More importantly, he had already been part of that team back in his prime. ''As a former clan LinK member Holyhuman has been in the aG B-Team for over two years now'' comments Arron 'DarkChrono' Norwell, manager of Team Delta. ''With his successes at recent events, we thought it was time to bump him up to the main roster. As such he left his interim clan to come back to the main team. We think this will continue to be a long and successful relationship.''
Along with Pesu, Team Delta added the less known Orc player Brandon 'wussbag' Gunzinger. Their roster now looks as follows:
Cong 'Strifecro' Shu
Nick 'Axslav' Ranish
Joseph 'MiNiMuM' Matthews
Ryan 'rArA' Ramirez
Nick 'HolyHuman' Pesu
Janne 'YanE' Tysky
Brandon 'wussbag' Gunzinger

Andrew 'mOOn-GlaDe' Pender
Hamish 'Kowi' Parker
Martin 'apm' Sanfacon
Jonas 'illumize' Larsson
Tomasz 'CasiN' Rutkowski
Arron 'DarkChrono' Norwell (Manager)

Geoffrey 'Veese' Yih
Jason 'Jase' Chung (Manager)
Team Delta is currently playing in the NGL-One league with the score of one victory (against Serious Gaming) and two defeats (mouz.wazap and SK Gaming) as of yet. Pesu was playing in NGL-Two with New Russia but had never been used in the lineup; yet there might be a spot for him in Team Delta's fourtsome. ''I've always had Team Delta in the back of my mind cause they are a loyal team with great players, and Im happy that I have found a home to stay in for quite some time.'' Hopefully playing in a higher league with friendly team mates will be an incentive for Pesu.



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