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WoW Account Sold for 7,000 Euro

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Sep 14, 2007 13:57

Selling and buying accounts is something very common in World of Warcraft, even though it's strictly forbidden by Blizzard. Good geared characters are often sold for a few houndred dollars although a few weeks ago one of the currently best geared rogues available was sold - for 7,000 Euro (~$9,700). The original owner, a Night Elf Rogue named Zeuzo from the guild Method on Sylvanas(EU) was one of the two only people in the world wielding both legendary swords dropping off Illidan Stormrage, final boss of the Black Temple. He also had 4/5 parts of the tier6 armor set, together with various other drops from Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, which could be considered as the best gear available in the game right now. The new owner goes under the name Shaks and has moved the character to the Kazzak(EU) realm.

Zeuzo, here's a few tips on what you can buy for 7,000€.
A Rolex watch
A Car
A VTL Pre-Amplifier
250,000 WoW Gold
3 nights in a suite at the Palms in Las Vegas
A nice vacation for you and 4 friends in Australia
2 Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktops
209 Steelpad S&S SK Edition
Feel free to comment your own tips!



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