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GG Client Version 2.0 Released

By Robert 'CIKO' Bandl
Aug 22, 2007 13:03

This morning, GG Game released an official 2.

0 version of their free gaming platform known as GG Client. Until now, GG Client was mainly used for Warcraft III due to its delay improvements compared to playing on, although it supported other games as well.
GG Game decided to raise the number of Counter Strike players by adding a Counter Strike 1.6 Ladder and various items in a newly opened GG Shop, such as Anti-Blind Goggles, Power Jump Ability among many other things with a 1 month trial. The ladder is not yet functional, however it should be online as soon as possible.
Version 2.0 change log can be found below:
New Client Layout and User Interface! Some icons are re-arranged.
Room List Cleaned and Looks more neat now.
Casual Games added.
Avatar System Added. The function of purchasing will be added in upcoming version.
Payment System implemented. (Guide to payment here)
Counter Strike 1.6 Ladder added. (here)
Added User Guide for first time user.
Gold Membership can now be purchased. (Detailed information: here)
Improvement on Server Side.
Solve the problem of Vista User cannot enter Room
Fixed Screen Flash Problem
Russian and Spanish version GGClient now available.
TFT 1v1 Ladder is back!
Improved anti maphack system
A lot of changes and fixes on Client side.
GG Client can be updated either via automatic update on the startup or by downloading this upgrade patch and manually overwriting the original files. For those who are new to GG Client, it can be downloaded here.
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