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Female WoW player arrested due to love

By Antti 'drinn' Paasivaara
Jul 3, 2007 11:34

An Australian Female World of Warcraft (WoW) player has been arrested in the field of United States due to love affair being the reason. However, it seems the age limit between this couple was the real problem, which led the 31 years old mage, university student Tamara Broome to be caught by police on 26th of June. The opposing party is actually only a 17 years old warrior, so the age limit on this Azerothian love affair is pretty wild. Their relationship started inside the World of Warcraft game, which continued to get more serious through chatting via emails. One email included even a marriage proposal. The real story behind this became somewhat clear when the boys parents reported to the police on 12th of June that their son was missing. Fortunately enough, the boy was caught in Raleigh-Durham International Airport, where he was trying to get a flight to Australia as a plan to go and see this female player. However, instead of this, Broome decided to get a flight to North Carolina, where the boy lived, and tried to pick him up and make him go along. She failed due to this arrest. "Broome allegedly had an online relationship with the boy for more than a year, which began in the online game World of Warcraft. The two had also exchanged copious amounts of email and even discussed marriage." Broome is now being kept on a $2.35m bond for a child abduct. This charge would give her more than two years in U.S jail.




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