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Is 2007 the last year for CS? naSu talks

By Antti 'drinn' Paasivaara
Jun 28, 2007 19:04

The authors at HLTV have picked up the Finnish player Niko "naSu" Kovanen from the 69N-28E for a chat. The interview features topics about the future of Counter-Strike 1.6, their recent WSVG Louisville victory, the upcoming ESWC event, and something about CS: Source & the CGS as well. Some highlights from the interview: What happened at WSVG Louisville which lead to numerous delays etc? - All i know is that they took admins from BYOC or something, and had 20 of them in the beginning and after few games they were down to 3 so we couldnt continue without them finding new admins.. :O Will you end up playing Source aswell or do you think 1.6 will rise again? - I think there is enough 1.6 tournaments for this year, but i think this will be the last year and no im not really into source and dont think im going to play it The worlds greatest gamers are attending the ESWC in Paris in about a week. How will your team prepare before this event? - We cant pracc online, and if we pracc it always ends up leaving the server cause noone cares. so we had the 1week bootcamp in IOS and thats it :P You can read the complete interview here. Feel free to add your opinions about the future of Counter-Strike 1.6 to comments!




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